Seeing the Finer Points

The current tendency for a natural look has in recent years seen a number of social media influencers and celebrities like Courtney Cox deciding to have their dermal fillers dissolved using the enzyme hyaluronidase. Reasons vary from unnatural facial proportions, looking overcorrected, dissatisfaction with results, feeling they no longer look like themselves…to name a few. Indeed, since 2019, there has been a general downward trend in the number of soft filler procedures being performed due to a decrease in demand (.1)

Rather like an artist whose final, subtle brushstrokes create something truly unique the aesthetic practitioner knows that it really is all in the details. The potential for fine-tuning is the beauty of hyaluronic acid fillers, not only because the molecule can be dissolved but also because subtle, individual and natural results can be achieved.

Depending on how the HA filler was originally injected, it may be present throughout the tissues and more difficult to remove in an even and uniform way. When using hyaluronidase, it is important to avoid an irregularity of results especially in the mid- face area and lips (.2) Practitioners need to be equipped to see and know that they have successfully dissolved the HA filler before making any realistic decisions about how to proceed, especially if considering re-injecting.

The Volume Map tool on the LifeViz® App 3D photography software clearly and accurately shows the extent of the efficacy of the hyaluronidase by comparing precision before and after photos following the treatment. This provides a valuable guide for the practitioner in the removal process and a useful tool for giving clear explanations to the patient. If subsequently, the decision is made to re-inject more naturally, then high quality before and after photos provide an excellent way to reassure the patient and to show tangible results. LifeViz® 3D photography systems allow the patient to clearly see the finer points, the contrast between the two results and the detailed evolution of their facial measurements (angles, proportions), highlighting how more subtle, lighter injecting can improve the overall balance and harmony of their face.

Aesthetic medicine is in constant evolution and continually strives to adapt to new understandings of protocols and changing social demands. LifeViz® 3D photography cameras keep in step with developing needs and are designed to provide highly accessible, time-saving and smart support to aesthetic medicine professionals. These 3D solutions offer scientific, accurate, meaningful and persuasive insights to both practitioners and their patients in the on-going quest for more natural rejuvenation

Filler dissolving in 3D

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