20 years’ experience in cutting-edge medical imaging solutions


Grounded in science, QuantifiCare is a spin-off of INRIA, the world-renowned French research Institute in Computer Science and Automation. Thanks to INRIA’s close collaboration, combined with research projects with leading centers around the world, we have strengthened our leadership position in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and aesthetic fields.

We pride ourselves in being an imaging company that uses its history and expertise to invent new technologies that create value for our customers. We were at the forefront of providing an image centralization solution for clinical trials and we were the first company to develop a compact and portable three-dimensional imaging system for standardized image acquisition.

In recognition of our dedication to breakthrough innovations in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine, all three of our 3D camera systems have been awarded Best Aesthetic Device: our LifeViz® Mini for facial applications, LifeViz® Infinity for face, breast and body and recently with our LifeViz® Micro for skin microstructure evaluations.

Building on our expertise has allowed us to extend our capabilities to Mobile and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI and deep learning continue to play an increasing role in intelligent aesthetics and clinical trials, we are progressively integrating these approaches into our workflows. AI is not a new concept for us as we have been using intelligent tools for decades along with our academic partner, INRIA. We strive to provide physicians and patients with daily applications and diagnoses while expanding our overall understanding of mobile intelligence.

As we continue to drive our business forward with an innovative mindset, we aim to preserve a culture of innovation and live by our core values which are deeply rooted into our company culture.


Commitment to Customers

QuantifiCare CARES about you. It’s in our name.

At QuantifiCare, the relationships we have with our customers and their patients are of the utmost importance to us. We nurture a high level of dedication to our partners and clients and are committed to listening and understanding them in order to deliver outstanding customer service. With every innovation we achieve, we have our client’s best interest at heart and we strive to exceed expectations on all levels. Our entrepreneurial spirit entails a culture of trust and ethics which are key foundations for building any solid and long-lasting collaboration. By instilling our values in each of our employees, we hope to increase trust and mutual respect between all parties who contribute to our growth. Therefore, we are continually assessing and adapting our performance to ensure we deliver quality services that meet client and stakeholders’ expectations.

Each quarter, we establish objectives aimed at improving the efficiency of our services and forging new partnerships. We follow three core approaches to forge the partnerships we aspire to have with each of our clients:

Communication: We keep our clients up to date on the latest innovations through consistent communication. They are informed of new updates to improve their practice and we are available to assist them with any question they may have.

Accessibility: Our worldwide presence ensures that clients have continual access to QuantifiCare, regardless of their geographic location.

Excellence: We aspire to excel in everything we do – that includes ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this by developing top notch products that meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we guarantee quality support from our team of experts.

Ensuring that all of our employees keep these core approaches in mind allows us to deliver consistent customer service. Across the company, all team members are encouraged to challenge ideas, think laterally and strive for continuous improvement while providing exceptional service to our customers.


Cultural Diversity

At QuantifiCare, our diversity is our strength. We pride ourselves in having a workforce that is just as diverse as the clients we serve. Our company is made up of over 15 different nationalities and 12 spoken languages. We are constantly diversifying our pool of employees worldwide as we believe that each individual brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and ideas; regardless of geography or culture. The varying nationalities that make up QuantifiCare is what fuels our innovation. As a global company, it is enriching for both our employees and customers to share in our diversity and multicultural environment.