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For more than two decades, QuantifiCare has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative imaging solutions for clinical trials and physicians. QuantifiCare is a global company specialized in 2D and 3D photography of the skin.


  • Dr Carrijo recommend Quantificare

    Dr Alieksiéi Carrijo

    I'm Alieksiéi Carrijo, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Manager. I have used the QuantifiCare system for 3 years in my clinical practice and consider the use of 3D photographic material as an excellent option for planning, executing and evaluating the indicated procedure, differentiating the quality of patient care and positively influencing the results - not to mention the scientific breakthrough in the elaboration of studies and lectures using these imagems, comparing the effectiveness of treatments through the photographic evaluation in several planes.

  • Dr Lee recommend Quantificare

    Dr Jae-Bong Lee

    Although regular 2D pictures are inconvenient, capturing a face or body in 3D with the 3D LifeViz® Infinity is easier. First of all, you have a unique device for standardized photography with a switch that adjusts the ideal distance for face and body. With the 3D face/body shaper simulation, the patients can see what they will look like after the procedure to agree with the physician on the expected outcomes.
    In addition, I have used the skincare module for the patients having pigmentation, vascular, acne scars and pores.

  • Dr Bruce Katz

    I’m Dr Burce Katz, I’m director of Juva Skin & Laser Center here in New York. I have been working with Quantificare for about 6 or 7 years now,
    we first got exposed to this amazing technology when we were working on a tear-trough study.
    And we used it not only to measure the changes in 3-dimensional volume but also to quantify the changes. And the great thing about this camera is that it is so easy to use.
    It really makes the difference in terms of their understanding of procedures, and they go ahead and do these procedures faster than if you try to explain it to them in 2 dimensions.

  • Latest Events

    • AMWC LA 2018

      Improve your knowledge about anti-aging medicine, dermatology and aesthetics at AMWC Latin America. Discover our 3D solution to highlight your treatments efficacy in live demos. After the sessions pass by our Colombian distributor booth – Dilaser #29 - to know more about 3D before/after images.

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    • CILAD 2018

      We are happy to meet you at the CILAD 2018 for the first time! Pass by booth #65 to discover our full range of 3D solutions for face and full body. You will be able to evaluate your patient skin quality with the SkinCare module and discover how to better communicate with your patients.

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    • MIA 2018

      Improve your techniques about injections thanks to the complete program of MIA 2018.
      Stop by booth #01B to discover our 3D LifeViz® Mini for facial procedure follow-up through before/after comparison in volume, shape and measure.

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  • Latest News

    • LifeViz Infinity: Best Aesthetic Device

      Monaco — October 4th, 2018 – In recognition of QuantifiCare’s dedication to breakthrough innovations, the 3D LifeViz® Infinity has been named the Best Aesthetic Device at the 6th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy, presented by EuroMediCom and WOSIAM.

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    • PMFA Journal - Prof. Paolo Bonan

      Prof. Paolo Bonan uses our LifeViz® 360° in his practice to determine a personalized treatment plan and deal with patient expectations thanks to all of its different features.

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    • NEW: Achieve facial harmony in 3D

      Apply a global standard of beauty to your patients thanks to the new 3D viewer +
      Assess angles, facial measurements and ratio for the height and width of your patients face in one click and check how close it is to the Golden Ratio

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