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For more than two decades, QuantifiCare has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative imaging solutions for clinical trials and physicians. QuantifiCare is a global company specialized in 2D and 3D photography of the skin.


  • Dr David Kent

    We are so excited to be using QuantifiCare’s LifeViz Body. It is absolutely amazing! The functionality and our ability to document changes in our patient’s body contours and quantify this data is truly remarkable. We are thankful for the unwavering support we’ve received to help us navigate this brand-new technology. This device will definitely help our practice become successful in our endeavors for documenting patient’s body contours.

  • Dr Alena Saromitskaya

    I always use 3D LifeViz to prepare presentations for congresses. Photos taken with this 3D system help to impress the scientific community. An obligatory stage before injection procedures is photo documentation of clients. It is the 3D LifeViz system that allows you to instantly evaluate the result and convince the client to conduct the procedure. 3D LifeViz protects the clinic's interests from consumer extremism.

  • Dr Ingrid Lopez

    In my particular case, I happen to devote myself on giving many speeches. Quantificare allows me to see the differences, to teach medical specialists how we work with before and after, the volumes ... And that helps us so that other doctors understand the treatments. For patients, it’s also very nice, because those getting treatments are able to see their progress. The patient clearly notices the decrease in pores, how the lesions are seen less stained, the expression lines…Quantificare is a tool that all medical specialists should have in their offices.

  • Latest Events

    • AMWC Monaco 2020

      QuantifiCare will again be participating in the 2020 AMWC Congress in Monaco from April 2 to 4. Come learn about the new 3D lifting measuring tool we’ll be launching at booth F6.

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    • MCS 2020

      QuantifiCare will participate for the first time at the 2020 MCS Congress in Miami, FL from February 19 - 22.
      Learn more about our LifeViz® systems to find the one that is adapted to your consultation needs.

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    • IMCAS 2020

      Follow Quantificare as we reveal our new product launch at the 2020 International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) Congress in Paris, France from January 30 to February 1.
      Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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  • Latest News

    • LifeViz Micro: Best Aesthetic Device

      Monaco — November 19th 2019 the 3D LifeViz® Micro has been named the Best Aesthetic Device at the 7th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy, presented by EuroMediCom and WOSIAM.

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    • Press release

      QuantifiCare partners with LBO France to accelerate its global expansion.
      Sophia Antipolis, France - QuantifiCare, a global leader in 3D imaging solutions for clinical trials and aesthetic specialists, announces it raised €5m from LBO France

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    • Modern Aesthetics - Dr. Bruce Katz

      In this interview, Dr Katz explains that he has been using the LifeViz® Body in numerous areas of his practice: clinical trials, patient consults and lectures on body contouring.

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