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For more than two decades, QuantifiCare has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative imaging solutions for clinical trials and physicians. QuantifiCare is a global company specialized in 2D and 3D photography of the skin.


  • Dr Kian Karimi recommend Quantificare

    Dr Kian Karimi

    The LifeViz® Infinity is a state of the art, easy to use photographic system that has become an essential part of our consultation for facial and body procedures. We love the ease of use and photo quality. We find it especially useful after laser procedures, filler injections, and PDO threads to show the volumetric and three dimensional improvements we perform in the office.

  • Gerhard and Sonja Sattler recommend QuantifiCare

    Drs. Sonja and Gerhard Sattler

    We have been looking for a 3D system for some time to photograph before and after images of our patients and to communicate with them more effectively on treatment options. After careful consideration, we decided to include the 3D LifeViz system into our practice. It has proved to be a system both capable of quantitative, objective evaluations and at the same time, is user-friendly. We use it daily and it has become an integral part of our clinic.

  • Dr Bruce Katz

    I’m Dr Burce Katz, I’m director of Juva Skin & Laser Center here in New York. I have been working with Quantificare for about 6 or 7 years now,
    we first got exposed to this amazing technology when we were working on a tear-trough study.
    And we used it not only to measure the changes in 3-dimensional volume but also to quantify the changes. And the great thing about this camera is that it is so easy to use.
    It really makes the difference in terms of their understanding of procedures, and they go ahead and do these procedures faster than if you try to explain it to them in 2 dimensions.

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    • SBD 2018

      Come to meet the international best experts of Dermatology at SBD 2018 in Curitiba from September 6th to 9th. To complete your experience join us on booth #57 to discover our solution to adapt treatment plan to your patient's skin health.

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    • EADV 2018

      We are exhibiting at the EADV 2018 in Paris from September 13th to 15th. You will discover different stimulating topics about dermatology and oncology. To complete your experience pass by booth #163 to try our 2D and 3D imaging solutions made for you!

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    • MCA 2018

      Update yourself at the MCA 2018 in Monaco from September 21st to 22nd.
      You will attend various live demos about the last techniques in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. To make a complete visit pass by our booth F4 to discover our 3D solutions.

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