Mobile Technology

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QuantifiCare can help you leverage mobile solutions to effectively monitor clinical trial patients remotely

Mobile Applications for Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are shifting to a more decentralized and patient-centric trial designs relying on mobile solutions to capture, collect and monitor treatment efficacy and patient safety.

Increase patient

Identify efficacy and safety
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QuantifiCare delivers innovative mobile solutions to streamline data flow between clinical sites and patient to help ensure compliance is met throughout the study

Mobile Applications for Clinical Trials

QuantifiCare offers a user-friendly mobile solution designed to capture, collect and monitor patient data from multicenter trials.

DermaPix® Mobile provides Sponsors, CROs, patients and investigative sites a powerful, adaptable and scalable solution that can be quickly deployed in ongoing and upcoming clinical trials.

Using a smartphone or tablet, patients capture and quickly upload study images to a central server which sites can readily view.

The added ‘QuantifiCare’ value over other comparable mobile solutions is our depth and expertise in remote, centralized image archiving, processing, and analysis.