LifeViz® Mini Pro : the new gold standard for face consultation

Mini by Name, Smart by Nature

The LifeViz® Mini Pro is a 3D aesthetic photography system designed to streamline consultation workflow, using the award-winning LifeViz®  technology
with even more options:

AI for automatic image organization

WI-FI real time image transfer saves time

Mirrorless camera for unrivaled performance

3D in Pre-Op consultation

Our researchers have worked tirelessly to achieve a 3D reconstruction with accurate geometry and remarkable image quality. 3D enables a relevant visualization of facial morphology from any angle.

Obtain precise measurements, heights and widths and evaluate facial harmony thanks to facial angles and ratio assessment.

Reassure your patients by performing simulations on a lifelike 3D image.

Provide patients with a personalized 3D skin quality evaluation and insights on: Wrinkles – pores – oiliness – evenness – vascularization – pigmentation

3D in Post-Op consultation

Gain trust and transparency with patients by providing measurements comparison between before and after for angles, length, width and ratio.

Visualize and quantify volume changes and validate treatment results.

Quickly assess the shape evolution with the Silhouette feature. Before and after images are overlaid to confirm treatments outcomes and effectively result in greater patient understanding and satisfaction.

View results by sliding side-to-side between before and after images to better illustrate differences.

Superimpose before and after images for specific areas. Adjust the size of the box according to the area to be compared.

Evaluate and quantify skin tightening/lifting in 3D.
LifeViz® Mini

What our customers say

Reassure patients

Effective doctor-patient communication is critical to reassure patients in medical consultations. Informing patients can result in greater understanding of their procedure, allowing them to feel more empowered in decision making.

Customer Support Package

In order to build a strong relationship with our customers, we have established the Serenity package. Through this subscription, customers have access to the most up to date software, on-demand support with a dedicated expert and additional training.

Case Studies

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Photoaging: need-to-know facts   Here comes the sun Attitudes to having tanned skin have changed over the decades. In the pre-industrial age, darker, sun-tanned skin was associated with outdoor manual workers and pale skin was seen as a mark of […]

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Tips in practice

Aesthetics medicine is a very visual specialty. Photos open conversation. They describe what words cannot. The steps below will help medical professionals achieve open communication with their patients, while improving transparency and enhance the patient’s consultation journey using images. Understand […]

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In aesthetics, photographs are an invaluable method used for documentation and visual tracking in consultations. Photos enrichen and liven up the use of mundane words or text. As aesthetics is a very visual specialty, the representation of patients should be […]

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Waiting Room: A place where one waits. When setting an appointment, patients know this word all too well. Thoroughness is critical in aesthetic consultations, but so is the valuable time of each patient. How can doctors achieve one without sacrificing […]

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