LifeViz® Mini : A portable, 3D Imaging System for the Face

Revolutionize the patient journey

Awarded Best Aesthetic Device, the LifeViz® Mini is designed to illustrate the face in 3D. Known for its image quality and precision, the 3D photographic system is a portable, compact and user-friendly solution for aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Reproducible pictures are possible without repositioning systems using our dual beam pointers. After taking three photos, which are then automatically stitched, the patient’s face is easily reconstructed in 3D

3D in pre-Op consultation

3D enables a unique visualization of facial shapes from any angle. The 3D representation augmented with anatomical reference points is the only way to obtain standardized and comparable pictures throughout visits. By definition, evaluating aesthetic treatments for volume changes cannot be illustrated through regular 2D pictures.

Upgrade aesthetic consultations using an advanced, portable 3D system. Evaluate patient morphology to convince and promote quicker interventions.

Simulate aesthetic procedures to help patients project their desired outcomes on the face. The various simulations facilitate communication about the possibilities.

Improve communication with patients through 3D skin evaluation and by running customized reports on:
Wrinkles – pores – oiliness – evenness – vascularization – pigmentation

3D in post-Op consultation

Gain trust and transparency with patients by providing measurements comparison between before and after for angles, length, width and ratio.

Calculate the differences of volume in a treated area precisely and accurately for professional patient follow-up.

Quickly assess the shape evolution with the Silhouette feature. Before and after images are overlaid to confirm treatments outcomes and effectively result in greater patient understanding and satisfaction.

View results by sliding side-to-side between before and after images to better illustrate differences.

Overlap before and after images for specific areas. Concentrate on one detail at a time through a visualization of a targeted area for transparent discussions.

Evaluate skin tightening and lifting in 3D. Assess the direction and distance of facelifts using color indicators.

What our customers say

Reassure patients

Effective doctor-patient communication is critical to reassure patients in medical consultations. Informing patients can result in greater understanding of their procedure, allowing them to feel more empowered in decision making.

Customer Support Package

In order to build a strong relationship with our customers, we have established the Serenity package. Through this subscription, customers have access to the most up to date software, on-demand support with a dedicated expert and additional training.

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Tips in practice

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