Case Study: Buccal Fat Removal


Buccal Fat Removal,
an increasingly popular procedure


Increasingly popular in recent years, buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that thins the cheeks for a more defined, sculpted face. The procedure yields accentuated cheekbones, a slimmer looking face, or a more youthful appearance(1). Final results differ based on specific patient morphology.


Many famous faces around the world, like celebrities Bella Hadid, Lea Michelle, Chrissy Teigen, and Anya Taylor-Joy, have turned to the procedure.

This cosmetic surgery involves removing a portion of the buccal fat pad, a naturally-occurring mass of fat tissue in the cheek area. Typically conducted under anesthesia, the procedure requires that incisions are made on the inside of the patient’s cheeks to expose the buccal fat pads. The surgeon can then remove some or all of the fat, depending on the desired results.


The importance of 3D imaging for buccal fat removal procedures


For both patients and doctors, a 3D imaging system is a key part of the buccal fat removal process. The right tool is invaluable for both parties in order to share a clear understanding of the aesthetic procedure’s results, and to be able to discuss any apprehensions about the surgery. 3D imaging can be incredibly useful for demonstrating the effects of buccal fat removal.


LifeViz App, a game-changer for buccal fat removal


Quantificare’s LifeViz App offers several specific imaging tools that can highlight the changes in facial volume that occur after buccal fat removal:

– The Volume Tool allows for an analysis of how the volumes on the face change, emphasizing the reduction of volume in the cheeks that helps to sculpt the face’s oval shape.

– The Slider Tool allows for an instant before-and-after view of the results.

– The Lifting Tool can show the lifting effect on the cheekbones and a more contoured cheek area.

– The Silhouette Tool can easily compare the change in shape. The before and after images are overlaid to better visualize the buccal fat procedure outcomes.

The benefits of 3D imaging for buccal fat removal are many. Doctors can use LifeViz App’s suite of tools to easily demonstrate the potential outcomes and results of the procedure, as well as how the effects may evolve over time, whether immediately after the healing period or several months down the line. As such, patients gain a clear understanding of what to expect.

Overall, the use of 3D imaging technology to visualize aesthetic procedures like buccal fat removal can be incredibly valuable for patients and practitioners alike, allowing for a clearer, shared understanding of the results and helping to ensure that patients are satisfied with the aesthetic outcomes.

With Quantificare’s LifeViz App, patients and doctors can face the procedure with confidence.

*Surgery performed by Dr. Sabrina Werner