More than just a mindset, appearance is the first measure we use to assess youth. Aging is a natural process on the face and body. However, what if the age a patient thinks he looks like in his mind doesn’t match how he actually looks?

To slow down aging, these types of patients commonly apply for fillers such as Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid. Unsure if these treatments will look natural, patients are seeking for a reassuring way to bridge the gap between their mind and reality.

The LifeViz® Mini and Skin Care module allow to grasp a global evaluation of your patients face in 3D. The tool runs a complete analysis and provides an accurate indication of one patient’s skin condition compared to other patients with the same age and skin type.

① Capture your patients face

② Rate and compare skin to an existing database with patients of the same skin type and age

③ Run a 3D analysis of the patient’s skin in one click by highlighting:
Wrinkles – pores – oiliness – evenness – vascularization – pigmentation

④ Create a customized report and illustrate your personalized recommendations based on the condition of the patient’s skin to ensure satisfaction

The open conversation and reassurance provided by this device, in addition to your professional recommendations, will inevitably be the quantifiable link that bridges the gap between mind and reality.