Breast enhancement surgery is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures, yet patients do not always have a clear vision of their ideal result. They may have been influenced by a recent procedure experienced by an acquaintance, or by an image seen in the media – a procedure that is not necessarily appropriate for their own body shape. While professionals have the experience to understand what procedure or implant size would be appropriate for a particular patient, it is often difficult to connect this expertise with patient expectations.
As a visual guide, 3D imaging can assist the professional in the run-up to the procedure, allowing both parties to agree on an expected outcome. It is also essential as a follow-up tool, to help the patient visualize just how successful the procedure has been. Indeed, the majority of patients shown a 3D projection in the preparation of their intervention felt satisfied with the result, which reflected the simulated image. But providing such 3D images does not need to be complicated or time-consuming…

The uses of 3D imaging for better treatment outcomes

Prior to surgery, patients seek a clear, easy-to-comprehend visual explanation of the procedure. This is especially true in a case such as breast enhancement, which effects a major, visible change in their silhouette. Expectations are high and often unrealistic, connected to results seen on others. For the patient, viewing their torso in 3D allows for a clear, unbiased grasp of their own shape before the procedure.
For the surgeon, high-resolution imagery is a key tool in displaying possible outcomes. It also allows for optimal planning: 3D imaging provides a clear visual projection of possible results. Together, patient and surgeon can select the ideal outcome.

QuantifiCare’s 3D solution for accurate measurements, simulations and implant recommendations

QuantifiCare’s LifeViz® Body and LifeViz® Infinity allow specialists to obtain a highly accurate 3D image of the patient’s breasts. Within seconds, the images provide complete measurements of the torso, highlighting any asymmetry or potential issues. The practitioner can then use the Breast Shaper software to obtain precise volume measurements which can assist them in making implant recommendations to their patients. This crystal-clear simulation allows for better communication with the patient, with an easily understandable projection of the final result, and shared expectations for patient and surgeon.

The 3D LifeViz®’s value: Increased Patient Satisfaction

After surgery, patients often have trouble visualizing what their body looked like before the intervention. The LifeViz® Body and LifeViz® Infinity are therefore equally useful before surgery and in follow-up consultations, providing a comparison of before and after images in a variety of layouts, whether side by side or using the Viewer+ feature for better assessment. The patient can immediately grasp the changes and how these reflect the initial plan chosen with the practitioner. Moreover, the actual quantifiable figures available thanks to LifeViz® measurements provide clear proof of volume and measurement changes before and after the procedure. The result? A happy, satisfied patient, and positive feedback for the professional, with the potential of patient fidelity and great recommendations.

The ultimate Patient-Physician communication system

The quality, speed and accuracy of the 3D photography is as reassuring for the patient as it is versatile and user-friendly for the practitioner. Moreover, the LifeViz® Body and Infinity offer a portable, streamlined solution: no more dedicated rooms and daunting apparatus for the patient to experience. The consultation time is optimized for both parties with the possibility open to close more procedures.

Awards and acclaim for LifeViz® solutions

QuantifiCare’s award-winning LifeViz® technology has won praises from aesthetic specialists around the world. Surgeons applaud both its technological prowess and its positive effect on patient trust and satisfaction. The LifeViz® Body and LifeViz® Infinity are the perfect allies for user-friendly, high-resolution visual simulation in the run-up to surgical breast implant follow-up procedures.