Symmetry has long been regarded as a measurement of beauty. However, beauty is not just physical, it’s a feeling of confidence.

Although breast asymmetry is a common phenomenon, deciding to go forward with breast enlargement is not a decision taken lightly, thus requiring guidance and reassurance. Which implant would match my body type? What would the end result look like? These are common questions patients ask themselves. As a result, they require an open communication based on a realistic visualization of what they can expect to feel confident in their decision making.

Cast away your patients doubts by using the Breast Shaper software. This tool analyzes and measures every aspect of the breast from the mammary fold level to breast width and volume degrees in one simple click.

① Snap four images with your LifeViz® Infinity

② Visualize a realistic 3D reconstruction of the breast in minutes

③ Simulate the breast by selecting through various catalogues implant brand, type, and size for an accurate visualization of surgery outcome

④ Compare results using various methods (slider, silhouette, fusion) resulting in patient satisfaction

Using this tool to communicate objectively with your patients will leave them reassured and confident in their new breasts.