About us

In 2001, QuantifiCare's founders set into motion an enterprising project based on twenty years of experience in medical imaging, with the aim of transforming pioneering ideas into innovative products and services. Today, QuantifiCare has grown to become a leading Imaging CRO offering:

- Pre-clinical to Phase I-IV clinical trial services across a wide range of clinical areas to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and cosmetic companies
- Imaging systems and tools tailored for medical specialists including Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic specialists and Dermatologists.



Proprietary Technologies

QuantifiCare is a global leader in imaging research and development for more than two decades and continues to innovate thanks to its origins and collaboration with INRIA (the National Research Institute in Computer Sciences and Automation).


In-house Manufacturing

At Quantificare, we master all steps in the design, manufacturing and the assembling of our cameras.
Our structured approach ensures quality control at every step of our manufacturing process and enables us to provide systems which are robust and accurate.


International Exports

With our own company-specific export agreement (customs authorization n° FR003080/0031), QuantifiCare ensures reliable and speedy product deliveries around the world.

Our Vision

QuantifiCare’s founders are all scientific luminaries in the highly specialized field of image-processing. They successfully brought a unique vision to reality by creating an imaging Contract Research Organization (CRO) capable of bringing evidence-based medicine to their clients by providing objective, quantifiable and reliable data in support of clinical trials and research.

Consequently, physicians benefit from our proven success in clinical trials. With clinician input and intelligent engineering, we have adapted our solutions to streamline workflow and developed a line of easy-to-use, portable 3D photography systems dedicated to aesthetic, dermatologic, plastic surgery and wound specialists.

Our Strengths



Our 2D and 3D photography systems offer quality and reproducible images thanks to features such as fixed optics and dual-beam light pointers.
The LifeViz® technology incorporates these features which enable physicians to visualize fine skin details in high-resolution and to quantify and track their volume evolution over time.



Grounded in science, QuantifiCare is constantly adapting to your needs. We were at the forefront of providing an image centralization solution for clinical trials and we were the first company to develop a compact and portable imaging solution for standardized image acquisition. Today, QuantifiCare is the only company to deliver an ‘all-in-one,’ portable 3D imaging system for skin evaluation.



We value the time of our customers and we have tested our systems by experts to ensure their ergonomics and features which fit neatly into the work flow of your practice.
For clinical studies, we develop an imaging package which is tailored to your protocol needs.

Our mission

QuantifiCare is a global company with dedicated people committed to discover, develop and successfully market innovative imaging products and services to the clinical and health care industries. We equally aim to help our customers improve communication and better understand the needs of their patients in their daily practice. QuantifiCare strives to provide an environment which fosters outstanding employee performance and rewards those who contribute to the success of our company.

Our values

QuantifiCare is constantly striving to make a difference for our customers. We nurture a high level of commitment and dedication to our partners and clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit entails a culture of trust and ethics which are key foundations for building any solid and long lasting collaboration. Across the company, all individual team members are encouraged to challenge ideas, think laterally and strive for continuous improvement with the goal to better serve our customers.


To operate successfully as a global organization, we encourage a diversity of people and talents across all departments of our company.

QuantifiCare is looking for outstanding, team-oriented individuals, who are motivated by the ability to make an immediate and sustained contribution in the workplace and who are seeking the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Please send your cv / resume to: jobs@quantificare.com