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Aesthetic solutions

Our full range of 3D LifeViz® systems allows you to digitalize your consultations and communicate more effectively with your patients through 3D images. Portable and compact by design, each of our cameras achieves remarkable results for face, body and breast. 

LifeViz® Mini

LifeViz® Infinity
Face, Body & Breast

LifeViz® Body
Body & Breast

Research lab solutions

A validated photography system, the LifeViz® Micro is designed for close-up images of skin microstructure for any area of the body.

LifeViz® Micro
Skin microstructure




Capture high quality images


Our turnkey solutions are compact, portable and wireless. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, their portability enables easy movement and saves space.


Equipped with dual beam pointers and double flash, our LifeViz® systems ensure accuracy and reproducibility while capturing standardized images. The beam pointers indicate the ideal distance to take a picture and the flash feature ensures a consistent background regardless of lighting conditions.


In addition to image reproducibility, we have developed a complementary computer imaging technology. Simple and effective, compare 3D superimposed images of two visits produced by a one-click matching tool and calculate volume changes.

What our customers say

Case Studies

Thread lifts are increasingly popular as a non-surgical approach to address skin laxity. However, results and procedures differ according to a patient’s morphology. The options available to evaluate face lifts results include ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which assess […]

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Symmetry has long been regarded as a measurement of beauty. However, beauty is not just physical, it’s a feeling of confidence. Although breast asymmetry is a common phenomenon, deciding to go forward with breast enlargement is not a decision taken […]

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Although the desired end result of a flat stomach may be the same, no two body types are alike. Patients hear about tummy tuck surgery and are hopeful to see what the end result would look like. They require reassurance […]

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Tips in practice

Aesthetics medicine is a very visual specialty. Photos open conversation. They describe what words cannot. The steps below will help medical professionals achieve open communication with their patients, while improving transparency and enhance the patient’s consultation journey using images. Understand […]

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In aesthetics, photographs are an invaluable method used for documentation and visual tracking in consultations. Photos enrichen and liven up the use of mundane words or text. As aesthetics is a very visual specialty, the representation of patients should be […]

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Waiting Room: A place where one waits. When setting an appointment, patients know this word all too well. Thoroughness is critical in aesthetic consultations, but so is the valuable time of each patient. How can doctors achieve one without sacrificing […]

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