Waiting Room: A place where one waits. When setting an appointment, patients know this word all too well. Thoroughness is critical in aesthetic consultations, but so is the valuable time of each patient. How can doctors achieve one without sacrificing the other?

Traditionally, physicians performing measurements for breast augmentation or body contouring have used a measuring tape. Although suitable for basic dimensions, it is time consuming. New technologies, such as 3D imaging devices, have become more widely used in practices for its ability to quicken patient turn-over in consultations by achieving:


  • Measurement accuracy: Beauty lies in having ideal proportions, which can be measured in length, depth, surface, distance and angles. With a single click, obtain such 3D measurements of the patients to have them coming back.
  • Less human error: The possibility of human error while performing manual measurements is reduced. Patients are reassured by the advanced features of 3D technology. As a result, doctors see more patients on a given day because their uncertainty and anxiety are gone.

The 3D LifeViz® system overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional manual methods of measuring. Not only does it reduce consultation time by automatically assessing and quantifying measurements and volume, but it also provides patients with an accurate image of what they would look like post-operation. Additionally, this type of volumetric imaging system stores patient-records and keeps an accurate history of any physical alterations, therefore reducing precious patient follow-up time.

Physicians will see quicker patient turnaround times while ensuring quality consultations and patient satisfaction.