Reinvent consultations with 3D technology

Over the years, aesthetic consultations have undergone a major shift with the introduction of 3D technology systems. The 3D representations obtained of the face or body are able to aid Physicians throughout the consultative process – from quantitative evaluation to treatment planning and research. Adopting 3D Aesthetic photography in consultations can provide numerous benefits which are outlined below.


Upgrade consultations using innovative 3D technologies

Adopting a set of new innovative technologies provide an integrated solution of quick image acquisition, solid data analysis and innovative pre- and post- treatment visualization, all in 3D.

Align with patient expectations

Each patient requires a fresh and personalized approach. For example, visualizing wrinkles in high detail is made possible with 3D technology. By assessing facial skin conditions in 3D and running a customized report, you open communication lines with your patient and understand their concerns.

Increase visibility

When used efficiently, social media is an effective tool to propel new patient acquisition and boost your clinics e-reputation. By sharing comparable before/after images or videos exported from a 3D software, you will increase your visibility, keep your patient’s mind top of mind and generate more conversions.


Perform more procedures than necessary

It is unwise to impose procedures onto the client. Instead, use effective skills and simulation techniques to portray what you’re able to accomplish and what the client can expect to look like. For example, breast implant simulations are a good option to see how different implants will look on a patient in an objective manner in order to help in their decision making.

Wait for reproducible images

No need to spend time waiting for reproducible images. 3D systems are equipped with double flashes to ensure consistent lighting and good overall image reproducibility. Acquire standardized before and after images to objectively display treatment results quickly and with transparency.

Use multiple systems

Until now, aesthetic professionals often used separate devices to obtain measurement, perform, simulations and visualize pre- and post-operation results. However, 3D photography systems combine all of these capabilities into one single device; harnessing the power of multiple devices into an all-in-one solution.

QuantifiCare 3D technology

Built on twenty years of experience in medical imaging, QuantifiCare responds to the challenges facing Physicians by providing various powerful, fast and fully automated 3D systems. Adapted for a wide range of needs, the LifeViz® combines superior image quality with high-end usability for Aesthetic professionals, Dermatologists, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeons. Whether for face, body or breast, our devices are able to provide measurements, simulate procedures and photo-document before and after procedure interventions allowing better physician-patient communication. Its well-rounded capability and user-friendly solution allow it to be integrated seamlessly into any aesthetic practice.