Aesthetics medicine is a very visual specialty. Photos open conversation. They describe what words cannot. The steps below will help medical professionals achieve open communication with their patients, while improving transparency and enhance the patient’s consultation journey using images.

Understand the patient’s profile
No two people are exactly alike. Each patient requires a fresh and personalized approach.

Provide a visual experience
“Life-like” visualization of the patient in 3D enables patient’s to be knowledgeable about one’s anatomy and specificity to align patient expectations with what is actually possible.

Provide guidance and follow-up
Provide patients with a global picture by giving a 3D visualization accompanied with your professional expertise. Establish open discussions with patient’s on action plans as well as expectations; allowing the patient to feel a part of their procedure which will result in patient satisfaction.

Consultations have become a memorable experience with the advancement of imaging capabilities. Through the power of providing a personalized and visual assessment during consultations, the use of 3D photos enables patients to have better knowledge and overall understanding of their treatment journey.