Having the edge:
why choosing a premium 3D photography system really matters


3D imaging is now an accepted, integrated and valued tool in mainstream aesthetic medical and surgical practice. Compared to 2D, it has dramatically changed the way both patients and practitioners visualize and assess the skin and soft tissue structures of the face and body, engendering greater understanding, reassurance and loyalty. Investing in a 3D photography system for an aesthetic practice may now be a given, but not all 3D systems are equal. For a practitioner in such a fast moving and over-prescribed field, it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd.
There are currently many options on the market for 3D photography systems, but one eclipses the rest with its simple accessibility, rapidity and superior image quality and that is the LifeViz® Pro.
“Technology is changing so fast nowadays that I wanted the most advanced and innovative camera on the market: the LifeViz® Infinity Pro. We save time every day in convincing our patients of the reality of the treatment and the effectiveness of the result.” (1)

The only fast and easy 3D photography system on the market – the LifeViz® Pro range

The LifeViz® Pro range streamlines and optimizes traditional 3D clinical evaluation, patient communication and treatment planning. 3D image capture is fast and easy and the latest-generation, hybrid camera provides a superior quality of image. Integral Wifi enables automatic transfer of images, saving time and effort. AI automatically detects and classifies the images, making for simplified and faster workflow. Instantly standardized, high resolution Before/After photos are readily accessible. Measuring is automated and more accurate. Treatment results are objectively displayed for greater effectiveness in comparisons and follow up. The LifeViz® Pro range facilitates a premium consultation where practitioners gain trust and loyalty and their patients feel informed and reassured.

The LifeViz® Pro, credentials that lead the way

  • QuantifiCare is a known pioneer in medical imaging. Its R&D department works closely with industry KOLs, integrating feedback and ensuring their 3D photography systems are always adapted to practitioners’ evolving needs
  • The LifeViz® Pro is unique, currently providing the most advanced 3D solution on the market
  • The LifeViz® Pro has an embedded hybrid camera for unmatched, high resolution, standardized image capture and automated measurements
  • The LifeViz® Pro has integrated wifi technology for automatic image transfer
  • The AI- powered Software Suite speeds up consultation workflow by automating key tasks: the easy preparation of 3D capture, the creation of instant, objectively quantifiable images and their automatic classification…..allowing the practitioner to spend time on important analysis and discussion with the patient.

A premium solution to be a cut above the rest? It’s a no-brainer

3D imagery is now an essential element of aesthetic medical practice. In such a competitive and fast-evolving industry, it’s reassuring to know there is a swift, easy and efficient way to stand out above the rest. For a premium approach to optimizing your daily workflow, saving valuable time, generating outstanding Before/After images in 3D, look no further than the LifeViz® Pro range. It’s designed to let you focus on what really matters – your patients.


(1) Dr Nathalie Kitzinger-Curfs, Anti-aging physician, France