Gain trust using standardized 3D photography

The entire story, that is what a patient seeks. Patients want to be fully informed and reassured that they will get the best possible treatment. In the field of aesthetics, fear of complications and unsatisfactory results is common among patients considering cosmetic surgery for the first time. Any hunch of uncertainty and a patient’s trust is broken.

Before and after images are an excellent way to gain the trust of a potential patient. It allows Physicians to objectively illustrate their previous work as well track the progress of a patient’s treatment. Therefore, accuracy and standardization in images are paramount.

The best way to obtain comparable images is through the use of a 3D imaging system, such as the LifeViz®. This system portrays the reality of a patient’s full morphology in 3D, in addition to obtaining:

Image Standardization: Thanks to the dual-beam, distance pointers, physicians know the correct distance to stand from the patient ensuring a standardized image and accurate image comparison.

Measurements: Precision and accuracy are required for all cosmetic surgeries. Use a system that automatically measures length, depth, surface, distance and angles in a single click. 3D measurements of a patient’s morphology show the truth and cannot be skewed.

The LifeViz® leaves no room for speculation. A comprehensive, modern, 3D technology, it combines the visual experience that patients seek with the quantitative aspect that physicians desire.