Although the desired end result of a flat stomach may be the same, no two body types are alike.

Patients hear about tummy tuck surgery and are hopeful to see what the end result would look like. They require reassurance and a desire to see that this procedure could work on their own body.

A viable solution is 3D imaging systems, which can be a valuable tool for patients and doctors in order to have a clear understanding and overcome any apprehensions about the surgery. The LifeViz® Body can capture 360°of the body in 3D.

Using the simulation tool, it is possible to illustrate the desired result and reassure patients in a few quick steps:

① Press the remote control to launch automatic pictures acquisition

② Visualize a realistic 3D reconstruction of the body in minutes

③ Simulate the abdominoplasty and see the potential surgery outcomes

④ Improve your patient communication and reassure them with a treatment plan

Your patients will have the chance to objectify the potential outcome and imagine themselves in their new body.