Can beauty actually be measured? Known as the Golden Ratio, 1.6 is considered the approximate measurement of beauty of the face. In 1982, Robert M. Rickets identified that proportions between two lines of facial measurements should approach the golden ratio of 1.618. Attributes like one’s facial symmetry, eye shape and nose length are all determinants of what is considered aesthetically pleasing, regardless of ethnicity.  The human face often presents a mild degree of asymmetry. However, when the degree of disproportionateness is considered bothersome, patients often seek out ways to correct it.

Embedded in our new 3D Viewer+, the Golden Ratio’s science is available to display vertical face analysis and frontal face proportion in one informative interface. Visualize your patient’s ideal facial beauty in one click.

① Capture a 3D image of your patient

② Select two parts of the face and the distance to the golden ratio is automatically calculated.

③ Display distance and proportions in 1 click.

④ After treatment, compare before and after images of treatments

The Golden Ratio is a solid-proof tool to assist patients in their treatment decision making; bridging the gap between their mind and reality. Patients are able to objectively see results and be reassured of their decision to undergo treatment.