QuantifiCare’s LifeViz Infinity Pro Awarded Best Aesthetic Device


Monaco / April 1st 2022

Following the successful launch of its premium, new 3D Aesthetic photography system, QuantifiCare was awarded the Best Aesthetic Device for the LifeViz® Infinity Pro at the annual AMWC Congress in Monaco. The company’s 3D systems have already received distinctions on three previous occasions for the LifeViz® Mini, LifeViz® Infinity and LifeViz® Micro systems and this recent recognition was particularly gratifying.

The LifeViz® Infinity Pro incorporates the latest hybrid camera technology and artificial intelligence. This high-end technology has distinguished itself amongst other highly valuable devices. The panel of well-known thought leaders honors the Best Aesthetic Device based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, innovation and insightful research of the product which demonstrates its effectiveness and value.

About the LifeViz® Infinity Pro:

One of the biggest challenges aesthetic practitioners raise when considering a 3D photography solution in their daily practice is that it’s time-consuming and cumbersome.

Confronted with such frustrating feedback, our CEO, Dr. Jean-Philippe Thirion, had no choice but continue to devote resources and quickly develop more streamlined approaches to the current 3D systems. Rising to the challenge, the QuantifiCare team have set a new standard for 3D Photography with the launch of the 3D LifeViz® Infinity Pro.

3D photo documentation is an integral part of the consultative process which helps the patient to understand the aging process and define a treatment plan with their physician. 3D helps to analyze the patient’s initial condition and track treatments changes over time. However, to use the 3D system to its full potential, the image capture and preparation of images must be quick and easy.

The LifeViz® Infinity Pro is the only wireless 3D photography system on the market using Artificial Intelligence to streamline the consultation workflow. The aesthetic practitioner captures the patients’ pictures which are automatically transferred, organized and converted in 3D without any user intervention. The ‘life-like’ 3D image can then be used to enhance patient communication with simulations and ultimately to determine the ideal treatment options.

What’s exclusive to this premium range?

-Wireless connection and real-time transfer: with Wi-Fi and cordless image transfer no more wires with images directly to the computer.

-Artificial intelligence: quick and automatic image transfer via the detection and classification of image sets. Avoid mistakes and save precious time.

-Even better image quality thanks to a premium hybrid camera: better visualization and data analysis.

For busy aesthetics practitioners, wanting to save time and embrace hi-tech advances into their practice, this new upgraded camera is a must-have.

About QuantifiCare:

For over twenty years, QuantifiCare has been developing innovative 3D Photography systems for aesthetics consultations and clinical research. A pioneer in digital photography, the QuantifiCare vision is to deliver objective evidence through photography.

QuantifiCare has conducted hundreds of clinical trials and our patented award-winning 3D LifeViz® systems are used in over sixty countries. Headquartered in France with operations in the USA, Latin America and Asia, QuantifiCare is poised for tremendous growth.

Find out more: www.quantificare.com

Contacts: Jean-Philippe Thirion, Founder & CEO / Aurore Molnar, Marketing Director

info@quantificare.com / +33 4 92 91 54 20