Opting for excellence: taking patient follow-up to the next level with 3D photography

Practitioners know that an effective consultation is one where there is a meeting of minds, a connection of trust and a common vision with the patient. This is a given. Differenciating yourself from your many professional peers is challenging and standing out in a lasting way, even more so. However, by opting for excellence in patient care and showing your patients that quality is a core value for you in your consultation, you cannot fail but to make a lasting impression.


Investing in your practice with a view to excellence means being equipped in a way that allows you to master your craft. Advising patients on treatment options is just the starting point. Offering a high-end consultation also entails having the ability to provide great follow-up. Patients want to know what they can expect in terms of results and like to actually see any changes and progress over time.


3D photography forges ahead

3D photography has proved to be a game changer for aesthetic practitioners and its relevance to follow-up is no exception. 3D “Before” and “After” photos can be instructive, reassuring and persuasive. However, to have true value, images need to be comparable, and standardization (consistency in lighting, position, background and distance) can seem a daunting and time-consuming task.

LifeViz® 3D imaging systems allow you to opt for excellence, including easy preparation and standarization of 3D image capture. Fast and straightforward to use, you can get high quality, objective, comparable images in just a few clicks, providing excellent tools for your follow-up consultations. Another standout feature is the AI powered LifeViz® app software, which automatically classifies and organizes patients’ photos. By making the process of image reconstruction automatic and effortless, AI streamlines consultation workflow and frees up valuable time for you so you can fully focus on your patient. Using the compiled qualitative and quantitative data, you can actually show your patients volume changes, lifting effects and skin analysis over consecutive visits. Having an easily accessible and automatically-generated patient database creates a next-level connection between practitioners and patients, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Sharing is powerful. It engenders understanding and trust. By enabling practitioners to effortlessly export, share and discuss results with patients, LifeViz® Pro imaging systems bring significant added value to consultations. Patients will also share their experiences and, on social media, this can mean far and wide. Being able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of your patients’ needs and expectations, beyond the initial consultation, is essential. Next-level follow-up will lead to next-level loyalty, personal recommendations and increased ROI.


A Pro range for standout quality

Creating excellence is part of QuantifiCare’s identity. As a renowned pioneer in medical imaging, it always strives to take on board industry feedback when designing its 3D imagery systems and remains resolutely in step with trends that drive technology. Within its premium Pro range that targets both the body and face, its unique LifeViz® Infinity Pro*, launched in September 2021, set a new gold standard in 3D aesthetic photography, and currently provides the most advanced 3D solution on the market. With Wi-Fi technology, the latest hybrid camera and AI integral to its DNA, the Pro range offers unrivalled performance and all the elements for providing exceptional follow-up. And this is just the beginning: continuing the excellence of the Pro range and in response to practitioner demand for a device specifically designed for face, the LifeViz® Mini Pro will be exclusively released at IMCAS 2023.

Be known for excellence. Invest in the future of your practice. Take follow-up to the next level with LifeViz® Pro solutions and stand out in a meaningful way.


* the LifeViz® Infinity Pro was awarded, “Best Aesthetic Device” at the 2022 AMWC in Monaco