3D LifeViz® Micro

About the Camera

LifeViz MICRO double-detour-column

The 3D system for microstructure skin analysis


Based on the same innovative technology as the standard 3D LifeViz®, with an equally compact and portable design, it guarantees quality, accurate and life-like 3D images. The integrated dual beam light pointers ensure increased image reproducibility which is critical for reliable comparisons of images obtained at intervals interspaced between hours, days, weeks or months.

Hand-held, wireless and non-contact
The 3D LifeViz® Micro is compact, portable and wireless to enable you to move freely and save space in your laboratories. Quick image acquisition allows time-saving thanks to a stereovision system.

Sensors ranging from 12 to 24 megapixels
This high sensitivity is matching the accuracy of its optics.

8 µ precision
The validated precise and accurate system allows up to 8 micron.

Stereo camera technology
Enjoy optimal image resolution thanks to the stereo camera system which has one order of magnitude more pixels than video cameras. The 3D LifeViz® Micro is an illustrative and analysis photo system already used by numerous.

About the Software

skin-surface1 Dermatologists, Aesthetic practitioners and plastic surgeons willing to test product efficacy in their practice and demanding testing laboratories are attracted by the included 3D Analysis module which enable to objectively measure and validate treatment results of:

fine lines
scars etc.
with an extraordinary level of accuracy and reproducibility.



The LifeViz® Micro provides scientific methods for quantification of skin surface via parameters including:

with an extraordinary level of accuracy and reproducibility.


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Ideal For?

wrinkleThe 3D LifeViz® Micro is the ideal solution for testing requiring detailed skin visualization and analysis of any area of the body or face.