Aesthetic treatments are the most requested procedures by my patients. I could not imagine working without QuantifiCare’s LifeViz® camera, that provides a deep evaluation of the melanin and vascular component of each patient. I can also share injections results with my patients thanks to the volumetric calculation performed by the program; or even after body shaping treatments or liposuction operations, the volume and inches loss of the treated areas. However, the latest program update left me positively astonished – the 3D Facelift uses arrows to portray the traction undergone by the skin after a face lifting operation or laser treatment. The minimal displacements obtained with new generations of laser is perfectly visible, which tops the chart for tightening procedures. It is a tool that every doctor should possess. The results after an invasive surgery are noticeable, but to verify detailed results we need an advanced technology such as QuantifiCare’s LifeViz®.