The QuantifiCare LifeViz® acts on all pillars of dermatological care.
Getting high-quality photos can be quite challenging, especially when taking standardized before and after pictures, in regards to lighting, framing and camera settings. Considering that many offices do not have a suitable location or team with extensive experience in operating cameras, the LifeViz® is compact and user-friendly.
Images can be viewed from different angles or distances, depending on the Physicians desire. These images are stored in custom folders that are automatically dated with the patient’s name; making it easier to locate in future appointments.
A 3D imaging system offers almost infinite possibilities and eases workflow. It is equipped with all the tools necessary for Physicians to sell additional treatments, track clinical cases and even provide assurance for doctors if a patient isn’t satisfied with their results. As technologies evolve, 3D photography will be present in more offices and hospitals, helping everyone.