Hello. I’m Dr. Vincent Wong, I’m a Cosmetic Doctor from London. I’m here to tell you about the QuantifiCare LifeViz® Mini camera, which I’ve been using in my clinic since 2017 – so it’s quite a while now I’ve worked with this fantastic device. It helps me with my patient consultations because it let’s them see the areas they need to be treated as well as the skin quality.

In addition to clinical practice, I also do quite a bit of research. Often when we look at skin fields and skin quality treatments, before-and-after photos don’t give us an accurate representation of the results. This is a great device to showcase the results because you don’t have to worry about the background lighting. You also have the benefit of the clay mode, which allows you to look at the smooth surface as well as any surface like inflammatory area, brown spots and reduction implementation.

So all in all, this is a brilliant tool for your clinic and will be a significant improvement to your patient consultation process.

Watch the video Testimonial