My name is Thomas Rappl, I’m a plastic surgeon from Graz in Austria, and I’m also an IMCAS scientific secretary.

Why do I use the LifeViz® Mini?

I find the camera system extremely good. First, because it’s easy and simple to understand and to use. The second reason is that I need it for my presentations. The presentations just become significantly more scientific and more perfect. Everything that has been done is clear and can be evaluated. The last reason is that it is also important for the patients, when they come to the clinic to take a photo before and after the treatment. One photo can really demonstrate how much is changing during the treatment, whether it be with toxins, fillers or EBD devices, like micro focused ultrasound or whichever treatment is chosen.

The LifeViz® Mini is an extremely good system, that simplifies evaluation and elevates your clinic to a higher level scientifically. I can therefore only recommend it and hope you enjoy using it.

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