As a facial plastic surgeon and minimally invasive treatment expert, facial analysis has reached a whole new level when I introduced QuantifiCare into my clinic, three years ago.
The LifeViz® 3D system quickly became my favorite aesthetics tool. With the ability to perform 3D simulations and volumetric analysis of the face, my patients can participate in their treatment plan and results.
It’s very useful for planning and simulating both rhinoplasties and mentoplasties among other non-surgical procedures done using fillers.
A very valuable contribution of the LifeViz® is the perception and objectivity in the improvement grade of the skin’s non-measurable qualities, such as the skin grains, pore depth, wrinkles, and cracked skin, converting changes previously considered subjective into measurable results, which allow my patients and I to see the improvement reached using lasers, robotic microneedling, and radiofrequency.
QuantifiCare’s 3D LifeViz® systems have allowed me to perform a truthful follow up of my results, with highly detailed documentation that I use to present in conferences and investigative studies.
Their technical support is excellent! I can always count on them!