I looked for a 3D camera for face and body after having attended many presentations where experienced doctors illustrated their practical cases with images that did not reflect their expertise, and which were not standardized.
I chose QuantifiCare for its 20 years of experience and innovation. Technology is changing so fast nowadays that I wanted the most advanced and innovative camera on the market: the LifeViz® Infinity Pro. In addition to its speed of use and its quality, its portability gives me freedom both in my office, no need for dedicated space anymore, and during my presentations and workshops. It’s common to buy equipment like this and leave it on the shelf because it is unusable or too complex. With QuantifiCare, we feel taken care of. Support is very responsive and competent. We can feel patients’ satisfaction as soon as we start using the device. The camera gives a great impression, and the patients feel valued and in the hands of a capable team.
I see a ‘before-and-after’ LifeViz® Infinity Pro. We save time every day in convincing our patients of the reality of the treatment and the effectiveness of the result. 3D images are the ideal support for validating treatments and quotes. The time required to make a decision is drastically reduced, and they have greater confidence in me and my team. The before and after comparisons are undeniably objective; my patients are now becoming aware of the effectiveness of their treatment over the long term. Which – for non-invasive procedures – is difficult to see with the naked eye.

I can say that with the acquisition of my LifeViz® Infinity Pro, the overall quality of my practice has improved.

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