LifeViz® Infinity Pro : Our premium solution integrating cutting edge innovations


We are now launching a unique solution that does not exist on the market. 

That is a breakthrough in term of ergonomics and user-friendliness. We’ve been working hard on user inputs to provide the ultimate solution for demanding users that want to optimize their time and workflow.

LifeViz® Connect

  • Easy & Automatic image transfer
  • The most simplified workflow on the market
  • Save Time & get peace of mind

AI-Powered Suite

  • Artificial Intelligence powered Software Suite
  • Spend more time delivering exceptional patient care than trying to become a professional photographer
  • Improve your workflow

Premium 3D Camera

  • The first 3D system based on an hybrid camera
  • Achieve thrilling new levels of image quality
  • Professional image quality paired to intuitivity and ease of use

I could not imagine working without QuantifiCare’s LifeViz® camera. The latest hardware update left me positively astonished improving my workflow like never before.

QuantifiCare is introducing a new way to experience 3D images, better and faster. Having such a premium product is a whole new feeling.

Experience our premium solution integrating cutting edge innovations now

Customer Support Package

In order to build a strong relationship with our customers, we have established the Serenity package. Through this subscription, customers have access to the most up to date software, on-demand support with a dedicated expert and additional training.