We have been looking for a 3D system for some time to photograph before and after images of our patients to communicate with them more effectively on treatment options. After careful consideration, we decided to include the 3D LifeViz® system into our practice. It has proved to be a system both capable of quantitative, objective evaluations and at the same time, is user-friendly. We use it daily and it has become an integral part of our clinic.

Each time patients come to our clinic, we picture them in 3D which enables us to photo-document the case and also allows the patient to visualize their problems directly. Thanks to SkinCare software module, we can analyze their skin quality. When we meet at future visits, we can compare results and further refine the treatment plan.

The 3D LifeViz® system reinforces to patients that our clinic is a leader in the field and they keep coming back to our clinic and even referring other people to us. It’s a remarkable, all-in-one device which has changed the way our clinic communicates with our patients.