Before I purchased a LifeViz® camera, I had been using imaging systems for documentation in my clinic for more than ten years. Therefore, I had a huge image database of more than 100T that allowed me to compare and evaluate the treatment results at any time I desired. Nonetheless, whenever I had the need to take measurements from the image or to calculate volume changes at different points of time for follow-up observations, the time-consuming image matching steps and lack of consistency in the results had been bothering me, until one day I discovered this cutting-edge image system, LifeViz®, in a global conference.
I have both the LifeViz® Mini and Body in my clinic. Both of them process and analyse images in a very precise way, which allows me to compare images in several different ways depending on my need, and harvest consistent measurements and calculations swiftly and efficiently whenever I come back to review those 3D images. They have become indispensable devices in my daily practice!