« I am a Dermatologist specialized in cosmetic medicine procedures such as injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid. I am also founder and Medical Director of a Medical Aesthetics Clinic, housing 4 aesthetic MDs, 1 cosmetic surgeon, 2 nurses and 10 aestheticians specialized in laser therapies and peels. Our clinic is able to answer all aesthetic demands. We have always found it important to document our patient cases with precise imagery, and the 3D imaging was for us an interesting evolution in photographic technology.
Our patient coordinator collects a maximum of objective parameters that allow therapists and clients to follow the evolution of results. 3D imaging allows analysis of volume changes that result from fillers, laser treatments or cosmetic surgery procedures. 3D LifeViz® is user friendly, and has become an essential part of our aesthetic activity.
3D LifeViz® is above all an instrument that allows to compare before and afterimages of faces. It fosters a regular dialogue between our staff and our clients, and therefore increases patient satisfaction and loyalty ».