Hello, I’m Matheus Masson, Plastic Surgeon in Piracicaba, São Paulo State, and I am the first user of LifeViz® Infinity Pro in Brazil.

I chose QuantifiCare’s camera and technology for its excellent accuracy, numerous analysis tools, and better pre-operative planning and post-op follow-up, which positively transforms the journey and the doctor-patient relationship. I can perform a detailed analysis of the volumetry of any compartment from the deepest to the most superficial. This makes it easier to develop efficient global strategies for facial treatments. With regard to body parts, it’s excellent for analysing asymmetries, fat deposits, cellulite and stretch marks. This data makes planning body contouring surgeries much easier. Simulations for breast implants are also an excellent way for the patient to visualize and understand the possibilities and limitations of breast surgery. With this new version, faster and with integrated wi-fi, I can optimize the time needed for analysis and provide more in-depth explanations during the consultation. Without a doubt, it will be my new biggest ally in my clinical and surgical practice.