The QuantifiCare camera has become essential, particularly for procedures such as soft tissue filler injections, skin lifting and tightening. Patients often forget what they looked like even a few days back. Documenting changes with Quantificare provides them with objective proof of the procedure. It also helps them see whether they are happy with the results or if they want more.
Some procedures such as micro-focused ultrasound take months for the results to fully take effect. Without proper documentation, patients might not be able to fully appreciate the improvements. I make sure that with every treatment or procedure I perform, I share these pictures with my patients before and after.
The camera is simple to use, very accurate and consistent even in different settings. The two specific areas to get consistency with cellphones and cameras are the camera angle and the lighting. QuantifiCare hardware and software are able to solve this for us. We have even used it to document how our kids have grown and changed over the years!