I am writing to express my thoughts on the “ 3D LifeViz® Camera & DermaPix® Software System” as a physician expert in wound care and a principal investigator performing pharmaceutical research trials. I have been using the 3D Camera system for over 2 years in my daily practice, clinial research setting and my medical clinics including the hospitals where I see my patients through-out South Florida – Broward County, Ft Lauderdale, FL. The quality of the 3D images and software module which show the depth, volume and quantitative measurements is astounding and remarkably accurate.
Such measurements can never be achieved with a 2D flat image. Due to the 3D technology, I can assess the wounds better and specifically observe how the wounds are healing over time.. The system is a huge success in my resident teaching program and the nursing staff loves the consistent images over multiple visits and data comparison to better track the overall patient condition in their healing process.
The 3D LifeViz® technology has changed the way I consult my patients as I can see the entire wound bed and the progression of the healing over time which allows for improved quality of care and happier patients. Ultimately, patient well-being comes first as part of their overall treatment plan and clearly this technology has helped me achieve that.