With our LifeViz® Infinity system, we assess the health of our patient’s skin based on different criteria such as Wrinkles, Pores, Pigmentation, Vascularity… We benefit from the accuracy of metrics with the 3D skin evaluation to capture the severity of wrinkles/pores, allowing us to visualize and assess the evolution and efficacy of treatments. Moreover, with the SkinCare Report, we can better inform the patient of the best aesthetic or cosmetic intervention and it becomes an ideal tool for us to develop a ‘treatment dialogue’ with our customers.
We also use our LifeViz® Infinity technology for body treatments as it enables quantification of volume, shape and measurement changes. The accurate 3D images are standardized offering greater precision. With only one click, the before and after images overlap so the slightest change can be detected. This is a big gain for our CoolSculpting treatments.
LifeViz® Infinity is completely integrated in our workflow as it eases our daily practice and overall enables better communication with our patients.