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Flexibility & Innovation

Flexibility and Innovation

At QuantifiCare, our performance-oriented management culture and responsible approach are the foundations to our success. We recognize that the success of our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our teams and the satisfaction of our customers. We encourage a ‘family’ atmosphere within our staff and focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation.

Some examples of Quantificare’s R&D capabilities include:

  • Automatic lesion counting
  • Brilliance measurements
  • Digital photography atlas for validated scale
  • Colorimetric measurements
  • Skin evaluation systems to determine appropriate treatment modalities
  • Dedicated repositioning devices (i.e. neck, foot,etc.)
  • Displacement/tissue movement measurements
  • 3D quantitative assessments including roughness (rugosity) measurements, volumes, 3D surfaces, etc.
  • Please contact us regarding all your imaging analysis projects and we look forward to bringing you innovative techniques.



Excellence in consulting

Excellence in Consulting


Each project starts by gaining an understanding of our Sponsor expectations. Our experienced and qualified team of image engineers are available to discuss your protocol requirements and determine the best imaging approach for your trial. We can integrate standard camera and imaging solutions or recommend more advanced 2D and 3D ones. Our aim is to meet your trial requirements and budgeting constraints and deliver the results within the agreed time-frames.