I am a Dermatologist, a Laser Surgeon, and Researcher specialized in laser procedures and aesthetic medicine too. I have always considered the documentation of my cases like a necessary phase of my clinical activity even if sometimes it could be slow and ineffective, especially employing a simple photographic-based technology. For these reasons I have integrated the LifeViz II™ 3D imaging system into my daily practice as well as into the clinical research. It produces high quality images, generating three dimensional reconstructions of the patient part during a few seconds. The dual-beam pointer technology let me achieve a great image reproducibility, critical for the image comparisons, especially when employed at different times. The system includes the QuantifiCare Software, through which I can easily reach  the SkinCare Report, a detailed document objectively evaluating the wrinkles, the oiliness, the pores, the evenness, the red and brown spots. Moreover a simulation tool named the 3D Face Shaper allows me to project the patient into the future, showing the impact of the benefits that will be achieved after my aesthetic treatments. The SkinCare Report with the 3D Face Shaper images are often crucial for making the dialogue with the patients easier, motivating them; I enjoy their comments showing how they are and how they could improve their aesthetic defects after my treatments. My recommendations are always shared by the patients, convinced by my words as well as by the images.


Florence, Italy

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