I have been working as a dermatologic surgeon for 16 years and a director of Widwin Dermatologic Clinic in South Korea.

In Korea, most of our patients come to our clinic for benign pigmented lesion, liposuction and injection.

I think that the most significant factor in treating patients is naturalness rather than artificial beauty.

Although regular 2D pictures are inconvenient, capturing a face or body in 3D with the 3D LifeViz® Infinity is easier. First of all, you have a unique device for standardized photography with a switch that adjusts the ideal distance for face and body. Then, you have only one image that you can view from all viewpoints and zoom. With the 3D face/body shaper simulation, the patients can see what they will look like after the procedure to agree with the physician on the expected outcomes.

In addition, I have used the skincare module for the patients having pigmentation, vascular, acne scars and pores. With this module, the physician can recommend the appropriate treatment plan based on the patient’s characteristics. The approach allows me to think of a specific plan for the procedure to be performed after the first treatment in a safer and effective way.


A Testimonial by Dr. Jaebong Lee

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