“I have been using QuantifiCare’s imaging systems in my busy aesthetic practice and in clinical research for several years now. The 3D LifeViz™ camera has been an invaluable tool which has helped me to standardize my before/after 3D images allowing quick and accurate measurements. I am able to take life-like images of parts of the face and body and evaluate treatment histories which I can then store for future reference in the DermaPix® software database. Unlike with 2D images, the picture quality and resolution obtained from the LifeViz™ camera allows realistic 3D images which I can visualize from all angles.

I can also objectively quantify the effectiveness of a cosmetic/aesthetic treatment thanks to the DermaPix® software’s analysis tools. This is extremely beneficial for my clinical research purposes – the integration of such comparable 3D measurements in my lectures of trial results reinforces my leading and innovative position within the skincare industry.”

Background on Dr. Brandt: Dr. Fredric Brandt is an internationally recognized, innovative researcher in the field of cosmetic dermatology. He has revolutionized the skincare industry through his evaluations in clinical trials with prestigious medical companies and has published numerous professional papers. Dr. Brandt’s knowledge and expertise in this domain have made him a celebrity and a leader in the industry. He performs clinical trials on FDA approved protocols in his institute, Dr. Brandt Dermatology Research Institute.

Dermatology Research Institute - U.S.

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