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Image centralization allows for real time access

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are looking for increased documentation and traceability via digital photography for clinical development. Quantificare’s innovative electronic centralized system bridges the gap between traditional paper solutions and e-CRFs while complying with electronic standards required by regulatory agencies.

QuantifiCare offers a unique, integrated solution for the centralization and management of all your 2D/3D digital images, e-CRFs and scanned documentation in multi-center clinical trials for all phases of clinical trials and observational studies.

The result is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all data collection and storage facilitating Sponsor, Investigator and eventually expert reader access to trial data in real time.

✓ Moreover the architecture provides a high range of quality tools which are:

✓ GCP, FDA & HIPAA compliant: electronic signatures, time-stamps, fingerprints, traceable audit records as per 21 CFR part 11 guidelines

✓ Protect electronic data transmission, automated edit checks (CRC) for clean data transfer

✓ Secure data storage both on-site and at QuantifiCare's twin data centers

✓ Provide Secured web access to centralized pictures

✓ Permanent archiving


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