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QuantifiCare has been providing imaging services in clinical trials for nearly two decades. We have the privilege of working with countless experts in our core therapeutic areas with whom we have established strong partnerships. As a result, we can recommend board-certified medical professionals and organize expert review panels to ensure the safety and efficacy parameters of your trials are being met via images.

In some cases, on-site expert panels may be too difficult to organize due to time and agenda constraints. We have capabilities to develop electronic reading tools which can be accessed remotely and securely by expert readers. A reading tool houses the images which are randomized into a database for remote viewing and a validated scale can easily be integrated for objective grading.

Our image scoring tools can also be used for inclusion criteria screening which are accessible in real-time. The reading tool is tailored to a specific study protocol and to the preferences of the pharmaceutical sponsors and medical experts. In the event that a medical expert makes a change, each score is electronically signed and tracked with a clear audit trial.

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