2D DermaViz

About the Camera

QuantifiCare has developed a portable 2D imaging device - DermaViz® with fixed optics and dual beam pointers which ensures high quality and reproducible pictures from clinical or site personnel participating in multi-center clinical trials regardless of the extent of previous experience in photography.

Extremely simple to use, the 2D DermaViz® system has a positioning grid and dual beam light pointers to guarantee the best image reproducibility without the need of a repositioning device.

The 2D DermaViz™ device can be calibrated at several distances from close to wide range to suit your particular imaging needs.


About the Software

The 2D DermaViz® Camera might be adapted depending on distance.

Document and measure at different scale thanks to Dermapix® software.

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Ideal For?


The 2D DermaViz® system is a portable and handheld device which can be easily integrated in multi-center clinical trials and can be used in conjunction with QuantifiCare’s imaging services.

QuantifiCare can provide specific imaging services which will complement your DermaViz® images for secure centralization, photo documentation, expert assessment or quantitative analysis.