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3D Threadlifts: A 3D Analysis by Dr. Dalvi Humzah

February 28, 2020  |   News

Listen to Dr. Dalvi Humzah, Plastic Surgeon (UK), introduce the initial applications for the 3D facelift during a dedicated lecture at IMCAS.  

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awarded 3D cameras

Quantificare LifeViz® Micro nominated Best Aesthetic Device

November 25, 2019  |   News

Monaco, France / November 19th 2019 - In recognition of its dedication to breakthrough innovations in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine, Quantificare was awarded the Best Aesthetic Device for the LifeViz® Micro at the 2019 Monte-Carlo Aesthetics (MCA) Congress held in Monaco, France on November 8th. A third-time winner, Quantificare had already received the distinction in 2015 with the Continue Reading

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Venture fund invests in QuantifiCare

September 3, 2019  |   News

QuantifiCare partners with LBO France to accelerate its global expansion.   LBO France invests €5m through its new Digital Health 2 venture fund.   3 September 2019 Sophia Antipolis, France - QuantifiCare, a global leader in 3D imaging solutions for clinical trials and aesthetic specialists, announces it raised €5m from LBO France to accelerate its expansion plans and strengthen its Continue Reading

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Devices Vs. Injectables - Which Should You Choose? Dr. Anil Rajani

Devices Vs. Injectables – Which Should You Choose? Dr. Anil Rajani

March 18, 2019  |   News

The most renowned aesthetic doctors use our 3D imaging solutions. Dr. Rajani is not an exception. In his vlog, he compares Devices and Injectables illustrating his speech with 3D models acquired with our 3D LifeViz® Mini. Dr. Rajani analyses their aesthetic and clinical use efficiency as well as their psychological impact on patient-doctor relationship. 

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QuantifiCare’s LifeViz Body System - Modern Aesthetics

QuantifiCare’s LifeViz Body System – Modern Aesthetics

February 27, 2019  |   News

In this interview, Dr Katz explains that he has been using the LifeViz® Body in numerous areas of his practice: clinical trials, patient consults and lectures on body contouring. He is impressed by the accuracy of measurements provided by the solution and the way it helps to convince patients to go ahead with the procedure.

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3D LifeViz® Infinity awarded the Best Aesthetic Device

October 3, 2018  |   News

Monaco — October 4th, 2018 – In recognition of QuantifiCare’s dedication to breakthrough innovations in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine, the 3D LifeViz® Infinity has been named the Best Aesthetic Device at the 6th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy, presented by EuroMediCom and WOSIAM. The jury was comprised of an independent panel of Key Opinion Leaders Continue Reading

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Prof Paolo Bonan talks about Quantificare in PMFA

PMFA – Three dimensional photography to manage patient expectations with non-surgical body contouring devices

August 7, 2018  |   News

Prof. Paolo Bonan uses our LifeViz® 360° in his practice to determine a personalized treatment plan and deal with patient expectations thanks to all of its different features. Our solution enables you to simulate post-procedure results, take circumference measurements and calculate volume loss using 3D body images.  

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Dr Lim - Prime Magazine

Prime Journal – Facial overfilled syndrome complications of inappropriate filler delivery

July 16, 2018  |   News

Dr Ting Song Lim discusses this common syndrome complication with filler and how to treat it. To prove the efficacy of his treatment Dr Lim uses the 3D LifeViz® Micro and the assessment tool to highlight and measure the amount of product injected.

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Achieve facial harmony in 3D

NEW: Golden ratio to achieve facial harmony in 3D

July 12, 2018  |   News

New release for the 3D LifeViz Mini : 3D facial measurements.   The main priority for aesthetics practitioners is to achieve a balanced outcome for patients. To help find this balance, in 1982 Robert M. Rickets tried to define the ideal of facial beauty. He identified that the proportion between two lines of facial measurements should approach the golden ratio Continue Reading

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Dr Braccini - Nice Matin

Nice Matin – Dr Braccini

May 25, 2018  |   News

Nice Matin - Dr Braccini Dr Frédéric Braccini explique l’importance de l’utilisation de la 3D pour les traitements de rajeunissement de la peau. Avec le 3D LifeViz® Mini, les médecins peuvent quantifier précisément le volume de produit à injecter et obtenir un résultat en harmonie avec le visage de la patiente.    

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The Aesthetic Guide – Dr Jae-bong Lee

May 11, 2018  |   News

Dr Lee is an active user of the 3D LifeViz® Mini to illustrate images and quantitative results with Picocare, a pulse 532nm KTP laser. The powerful tools in the 3D software suite allow skin quality evaluations and before- after volume results in a completely portable system.

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PMFA News – A new approach on managing breast asymmetry

January 26, 2018  |   News

Dr Thomas Colson discusses the 3D LifeViz Infinity to objectively take measurements of breast asymmetry and propose the best treatment plan to his patients to correct it. The volume map enables to calculate volume differences between the two breasts; highlight the asymmetry and show patient the potential result with the simulation.

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Toscana e Chianti – Aesthetics at Villa Donatello

January 26, 2018  |   News

TOSCANA E CHIANTI AGGProf Paolo Bonan was interviewed by a local magazine of Toscana about intelligent antiaging and beauty in imperfect harmony. He highlighted the importance of sophisticated techniques of imaging to make a careful analysis of the patient. 3D imaging is also helpful to prepare and carry out treatment plans.

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Dr Navarro uses 3D imaging from QuantifiCare

« Affiner une silhouette, remodeler un nez tous ces actes esthétiques peuvent désormais être faits sans anesthésie »

December 8, 2017  |   News

Le Dr Navarro, spécialisée dans la rhinoplastie médicale, ouvre les portes de son cabinet à l’occasion d’un acte esthétique. Elle utilise nos systèmes 3D pour rassurer sa patiente et mettre en évidence l’effet du traitement grâce à un avant/après. La reproductibilité des images 3D permet une bonne photo documentation et un suivi objectif des patients après un acte esthétique. Ainsi, Continue Reading

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Quantificare in PMFA News

3D photography in facial rejuvenation– PMFA News

December 7, 2017  |   News

Interested in new techniques to reach facial rejuvenation? Find an article about us in PMFA News written by six specialists about our 3D systems. Our solutions help you to reach facial harmony based on the morphology of your patients! The physical examination is essential and with our 3D modules you can identify the changes after the treatment.  3D images enable Continue Reading

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Dr Valeriani rhinoplasty with Shaper

TG2 Medicina 33 – “La rinoplastica è un intervento complesso”

October 27, 2017  |   News

Dr Valeriani was interviewed in Italy about rhinoplasty and facial harmony. To convince his patients, he uses the Shaper from Quantificare, the 3D simulations enhances discussion with patients to choose the best procedure according to their morphology.

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DefenAge study with the 3D LifeViz Mini

Aesthetic insider – DefenAge skin care line study with the 3D LifeViz Mini

July 13, 2017  |   News

At the VCS in June, Dr. Taub, Dr. Vivian Bucay and Dr. Gregory Keller presented their study of Age Repair Defensins® made with the help of the 3D LifeViz® Mini. Check out the interview.

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LifeViz Infinity discussed in PMFA news

PMFA news – HOW I DO IT – Dr Amato experience about the LifeViz Infinity

June 9, 2017  |   News

Breast augmentation: choosing the ideal implant size. Fernando Amato discusses the value of using 3D simulated imaging to help patients make the right decision about their implant size. PFMA news - How I Do It June 2017

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France 3 – La France à la pointe de la chirurgie plastique

June 8, 2017  |   News

"La chirurgie esthétique se démocratise. En France, la chirurgie mammaire est en tête de liste." QuantifiCare exposait ce week-end à la SOFCEP Marseille son tout dernier logiciel de simulation mammaire: le BreastShaper module. En voici un aperçu dans le 19/20 sur France 3 à 4:00min. 19/20 Provence-Alpes

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Face of the future – Advances Wales

April 27, 2016  |   News

The 3D LifeViz® Mini is an innovative imaging solution for 3D photography developed for skin analysis and simulation. The first applications for the cameras were in clinical trials for the photo documentation and measurement of wound volume, psoriatic plaques and cosmetic and aesthetic volumizing effects with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. Augmented with a 3D simulation tool and a skin complexion analysis module, the technology has progressed and is used by aesthetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons to simulate images in 3D.

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Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy

The 3D LifeViz® Mini named the ‘Best Aesthetic Device’ in the Paris Aesthetic Show (AMEC)

October 27, 2015  |   News

Paris, France — Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – QuantifiCare announces today that their 3D LifeViz® Mini has been named the Best Aesthetic Device at the Third Annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy. Presented by EuroMediCom and WOSIAM, this ceremony rewards companies who strive to develop and market innovative products and devices in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine. The jury was comprised of representatives from the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) 2015 scientific committee, representative invited clinicians, representative journalists and delegates.

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3D Skin Analysis application

QuantifiCare launches a 3D Skin Analysis application

September 26, 2014  |   News

Once again, the global imaging company enhances the doctor/patient experience with its latest addition – the SkinCare module. Practitioners can measure/analyze topical facial skin conditions and generate a full skin report, all in 3D. QuantifiCare pushes the limits on skin analysis to allow the 3D LifeViz® II camera to become an “all-in-one” solution for Aesthetic Doctors, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

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Anna Baker in Aesthetic Medicine

Quantificare in the Aesthetic Medicine

August 8, 2014  |   News

Anna Baker, practitioner involved in cosmetic and dermatological consultations and treatments, published on Aesthetic medicine magazine her analysis of the 3D LifeViz® camera to both enhance consultations and manage patient expectation, throughout treatment.

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2020 Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress Monaco

February 28, 2020  |   Events

QuantifiCare will again be participating at the 2020 AMWC Congress in Monaco from April 2 to 4. QuantifiCare will introduce a new 3D lifting measurement tool that evaluates a specific area of skin

Come learn about the new 3D lifting measuring tool we’ll be launching at booth F6.

2020 Miami Cosmetic Surgery

February 13, 2020  |   Events

The Miami Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology (MCS) is coming up!

QuantifiCare will participate for the first time at the 2020 MCS Congress in Miami, FL from February 19 - 22.

Learn more about our LifeViz® systems to find the one that is adapted to your consultation needs. Come visit us at booth #519.

2019 Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress China

November 27, 2019  |   Events

Quantificare's first time at AMWC in Shenzhen, China!

We are looking forward to showing the capabilities of our devices for the first time at AMWC China from December 6- 8,2019.

Learn about a 3D imaging Approach to Rhinoplasty and see how the LifeViz® Mini is perfectly adapted for Rhinoplasty needs.

Come and discover which LifeViz® device works best for you at booth B025.

2020 International Master Course on Aging Science

November 14, 2019  |   Events

You don’t want to miss what’s to come in the near year!

Follow Quantificare as we reveal our new product launch at the 2020 International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) Congress in Paris, France from January 30 to February 1.

The initial applications of this brand-new release will be revealed during a dedicated lecture to get firsthand knowledge and understanding on the scientific background behind this innovation.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!

Master Injector Academy

November 7, 2019  |   Events

Looking to save? Get 12% off any 3D LifeViz camera!*
Check out this unique offer at the 2019 Master Injector Academy (MIA) Congress from November 14 to 16 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Portable and compact by design, each of our devices are able to achieve superior 3D reconstructed images whether it’s for face, body and/or breast.

Ask us about this deal at booth # 16A

*available only in Brazil prior to the congress

Clinical Trials Europe CTE 2019

October 24, 2019  |   Events

Clinical Trial Europe is coming up!

QuantifiCare for the first time at Clinical Trial Europe in Barcelona on November 19-21.

Interested in using photography for your next trial?

Visit our booth #27 to learn more about our solutions and service for clinical trial photography.

Monté Carlo Aesthetic 2019

October 24, 2019  |   Events

Stay tuned on the latest technologies at Monte-Carlo Aesthetics (MCA) from November 8 - 9 in Monaco as QuantifiCare attempts to win the Best Aesthetic Device for a third time using the LifeViz Micro camera.

Designed for close-up images of any area of the body or face, the LifeViz Micro will change the way you assess skin with its compact design, precision, and optimal 3D image resolution.

Let's talk about our solutions at booth #F4 and learn which LifeViz® is more adapted to your consultation needs.

Global Aesthetics Conference 2019

October 22, 2019  |   Events

Are you interested in combining your consultation techniques?
Check out our all-in-one 3D camera, the LifeViz Infinity!

Adapted for a wide range of needs, this unique system will surely change the way you perform 3D documentation, measurements, comparison and simulations.

See a LIVE demo at GAC congress, booth #317!


October 4, 2019  |   Events

Looking for a reliable tool for your 3D photodocumentation?
Choose QuantifiCare, an innovative brand trusted by its customers and by the market. Plus, this leadership has recently been acknowledged by investors, LBO France. The latter invested to boost developments.

European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

September 25, 2019  |   Events

Looking for accurate measurements?

Based on 3D Analysis technology we developed 3D Track to better fit study needs. Thanks to lines,curved and straight lines measurements along with surface date, get accurate results.

Come and discover the 3D Track on our booth #F5 at EADV in October!


September 25, 2019  |   Events

Quantificare is well established in Brazil. 3D camera market for consultation is growing fast. To be closer to you we added a new Business Area Manager for Central & North Brazil. Come and meet him in Radeco at Bonito on October 3rd to 5th.

Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2019

September 12, 2019  |   Events

QuantifiCare has chosen ASPS 2019 to release its New Skin! Come & Join us on our booth # 727 to enter in a new era!

1/ NEW ERA - Venture fund invests in QuantifiCare!

2/ INNOVATION - QuantifiCare accelerates its expansion and developments


Re-discover us at ASPS booth #727!

Live the unique 3D experience with live demos, live acquisition on real models and meet with our American expert team.

Celebrate with us and Record the experience on our photo booth

CSBD 2019

September 4, 2019  |   Events

We are glad to be back at Sociedade Brasiliera de Dermatologia congress 2019!

Looking for a way to differentiate your practice? Come and see us at our booth #32

Help your patients better see the results of the procedure thanks to the 3D LifeViz. Come to experience our tools to compare picture before and after the treatment in 3D to make your patient follow up easier.


5CC 2019 Barcelona

August 22, 2019  |   Events

With the 3D LifeViz, body analysis has never been easier!
Recommend the best-suited treatments and show results as well!
How to choose the right 3D camera? Join us at the 5CC Industry Session August 31st to understand: How QuantifiCare technology replies to your needs!
Meet the team and discover the LifViz Infinity at the 5CC Congress in Barcelona, booth 40!

Quantificare exhibits at OCT 2019

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe 2019

April 15, 2019  |   Events

Make the most out of the newest clinical trial technologies presented at OCT in Milan on 14-15 May. Don’t forget 3D imaging in your clinical trials. Interested? Meet us at booth # 55 to find out more.

Quantificare exhibits at JPC 2019

Jornada Paulista de Cosmiatria 2019

April 15, 2019  |   Events

JPC in São Paulo, a congress organized by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, is the place to be on May 10-11. Lift your patients’ communication to a new level with our 3D LifeViz® cameras named Best Aesthetic Device at MCA. The jurors awarded us thanks to a remarkable accuracy and reproducibility that enables great comparison of before/after. Drop by our booth #01 to discover more about photo documenting face and body treatments with 3D imaging solutions.

Quantificare rxhibits at CBCD 2019

Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia Dermatológica 2019

April 15, 2019  |   Events

Save your date for CBCD – a Congress on Innovations in Dermatological Surgery, to be held in Goiânia on May 1-4! Want to keep your practice ahead of your peers? 3D imaging solutions for face and body are the key to better track anatomy changes. Curious to know more? Come to our booth #48 and we’ll talk you through!

Quantificare exhibits at Congresso Mundial de Medicina Estetica 2019

Congresso Mundial de Medicina Estetica 2019

March 19, 2019  |   Events

Meet with the specialists in dermatology, aesthetic and regenerative medicine at the Congresso Mundial de Medicina Estetica in San Paolo, from April 4th to 6th 2019.

Differentiate your practice by implementing innovative 3D imaging solutions. Obtain your patients’ body, face or breast measurements within a click with our software. Come by our booth #02 to learn more.

Quantificare exhibits at AMWC 2019

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress 2019, Monaco

March 18, 2019  |   Events

Stay updated on the latest technologies in Anti-Aging Medicine at AMWC from 4 to 6 April 2019 in Monaco!

Stop by our booth #F6 to discover our 3D LifeViz® Infinity named Best Aesthetic Device 2018-2019 at MCA and learn how it makes difference in your patient’s face and body treatment planning and follow up!

We are partnering with Euromedicom by providing 3D before/after pictures in scientific sessions. Check in live the results of different technics achieved by renowned doctors and objectively assess them. You will see the demonstration of our 3D cameras during the following Live Shows:

Wednesday, April 3

11:00am - 1:00pmPRE-CONGRESS COURSES - LIVE SHOWAuditorium Camille Blanc
4:00pm - 6:00pmPRE-CONGRESS COURSES - LIVE SHOWAuditorium Camille Blanc

Thursday, April 4

2:00pm - 4:00pmLG CHEM - SYMPOSIUM Auditorium Camille Blanc
4:45pm - 6:45pmYOUR GUIDE TO PROFILOPLASTY - LIVE SHOWSalle des Princes

Saturday, April 6

4:00pm – 6:00pmTHREADS TREATMENTSSalle des Princes

Quantificare at ASLMS 2019

Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 2019

February 19, 2019  |   Events

Don’t miss the premier international meeting in the field of medical lasers and energy-based technologies to be held on 27-31 March 2019 in Denver!

Willing to improve your patients’ experience? Track the evolution of their body! With our compact 3D LifeViz® Infinity you can compare in the real time 3D images of your patients before and after body contouring procedures. Learn more at our booth # 512.

Quantificare at AECD 2019

Atualização e Especialização em Cirurgia Dermatológica 2019

February 13, 2019  |   Events

All the latest technologies in dermatologic surgery treatments are at AECD 2019 in São José do Rio Preto from March 1st to 5th.

Check out our 3D cameras named Best Aesthetic Device at MCA for skin evaluation and treatment recommendation on booth #07.

Quantificare at AAD 2019

American Academy of Dermatology 2019

January 15, 2019  |   Events

Do not miss us at the major dermatologic congress in Washington DC. on March 1-5 ! Come on booth #2550 to discuss your next clinical trials needs. We can offer you dedicated 2D or 3D photographic hardware and customized services: investigator training, image centralization, real time quality checks and query resolution.

Quantificare at IMCAS 2019

IMCAS 2019

January 15, 2019  |   Events

Let’s begin the year together at IMCAS Paris 2019, we will be thrilled to meet you on booth #11! Come to discover all our 3D features for the new year. Face, breast or body? All you need is on Quantificare’s booth!

Assess 3D before/after and quantify results in session with Suisselle on Friday February 1st – 10.30 am – room 252, level 2.

Quantificare at MIA 2018

Master Injector Academy 2018

November 15, 2018  |   Events

Improve your techniques about injections thanks to the complete program of MIA 2018.

Stop by booth #01B to discover our 3D LifeViz® Mini for facial procedure follow-up through before/after comparison in volume, shape and measure.

Quantificare at CILAD 2018

Congreso Ibero LatinoAmericano de Dermatologia 2018

November 6, 2018  |   Events

Our Brazilian team is happy to meet you at the CILAD 2018 for the first time! Pass by booth #65 to discover our full range of 3D solutions for face and full body.

You will be able to evaluate your patient skin quality with the SkinCare module and discover this communication tool to better communicate with your patients.

Quantificare at AMWC LA 2018

AMWC Latin America 2018

November 6, 2018  |   Events

Improve your knowledge about anti-aging medicine, dermatology and aesthetics at AMWC Latin America in Medellin. Discover our 3D solution to highlight your treatments efficacy in live demos:

On Thursday, 15th – Salón 5:

11:30am – 1:00pm:
• Forehead injections - Dr Shino Bay, USA

4:30pm – 6:00pm:
• Perioral rejuvenation of mature lips – Dr Ali Pirayesh, Netherlands

On Friday, 16th – Salón 5:

9:00am– 11:00am:
• Lifting and projecting the nasal tip with PDO threads - Dr Luis Parra, Colombia

On Friday, 16th – Salón 6:

2:00pm – 3:30pm:
• Jaw, nose and lips: a triad to achieve harmonic profile – Dr Cristal Hernández, Mexico
• Creating the perfect facial silhouette – Dr Bob Khanna, UK

4:00pm – 6:00pm:
• Technique, using combined antioxidants in injectable treatment in patients with darker skins – Dr Nathania Cardenas, Mexico
• Mestizos and aging on the upper third face – Dr Shino Bay, USA

Pass by our Colombian distributor booth – Dilaser #29 - to know more about 3D before/after images.

Quantificare at ISAPS 2018

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting 2018

October 23, 2018  |   Events

It’s our first time at ISAPS meeting and we’re not coming alone! We bring with us our rewarded camera, the LifeViz® Infinity. Our 360° solution has been named the Best Aesthetic Device at the 6th Annual Aesthetic & Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy, you can’t miss it! We will be happy to demo your this solution on booth #515.

Quantificare at Cosmiatry 2018

Sociedad Brasileira de Cirurgia Plastica – Cosmiatry 2018

October 5, 2018  |   Events

For the first time, we are exhibiting at Cosmiatry congress! Help us to make this event a huge success. It will be the perfect opportunity to present you our new release for facial measurements and quantification on booth #1.

Quantificare at AAs 2018

Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of breast and body 2018

October 5, 2018  |   Events

We are honored to welcome Prof. Paolo Bonan in scientific session during AAs 2018. He will present results to show how 3D helps for treatment planning and follow-up.

You will hear how to integrate 3D in your workflow. To go further come on UMA’s booth and experience it with a demo!

Quantificare at RADESP 2018

23ª RADESP – Simpósio de Cosmiatria & Laser da SBD 2018

September 26, 2018  |   Events

Discover the last updates about dermatologic treatments at RADESP from October 11th to 13th in São Paulo.

Highlight treatment results thanks to our 3D features for hyperpigmentation, vascularization, pores and wrinkles.

Try our latest innovations to improve patient conversion on booth #8!

Quantificare at MCA 2018

Monte Carlo Aesthetics 2018

September 6, 2018  |   Events

Update yourself at the MCA 2018 in Monaco from September 21st to 22nd.

You will attend various live demos about the last techniques in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. To make a complete visit pass by our booth F4 to discover our 3D solutions to visualize, measure and simulate facial, breast and body contouring procedures.

Quantificare at EADV 2018

European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 2018

August 27, 2018  |   Events

We are exhibiting at the EADV 2018 in Paris from September 13th to 15th.

You will discover different stimulating topics about dermatology and oncology.

To complete your experience pass by booth #163 to try our 2D and 3D imaging solutions made for you!

Quantificare at SBD 2018

Sociedad Brasileira de Dermatologia 2018

August 6, 2018  |   Events

Come to meet the international best experts of Dermatology at SBD 2018 in Curitiba from September 6th to 9th. To complete your experience join us on booth #57 to discover our solution to adapt treatment plan to your patient's skin health.

Quantificare at 5CC 2018

5CC 2018

July 16, 2018  |   Events

Get back to work with us in the 5CC Barcelona from August 30th to September 2nd. Stop by our booth #48 to know more about our new 360° solution for visualization, measurements and simulations on full body.

Quantificare at ICAD 2018

ICAD 2018

July 16, 2018  |   Events

Update yourself about theories and practices covering all areas of dermatology, aesthetic and preventive medicine at ICAD 2018 from August 23rd to 25th, do not miss our Brazilian team on booth #38 to find the best way to photodocument your treatments in 3D.

Quantificare at JPoliclinica 2018

Jornada Internacional de Cosmiatria da Policlinica Geral

July 16, 2018  |   Events

We will be at the Jornada Internacional de Cosmiatria da Policlinica Geral from August 3rd to 5th in Rio de Janeiro. Come on booth #41 to know how to highlight your treatment results and increase patient conversion!

Quantificare at IMCAS Asia 2018

IMCAS Asia 2018

July 6, 2018  |   Events

Innovation never stops! Discover a new feature for the 3D LifeViz Mini at IMCAS Asia so don’t miss us on booth #28A! You will discover a brand new feature for face measurements.

Thanks to our new module, you will be able to get angles and ratio measurements. We are waiting for you to experience it in exclusivity!

Quantificare at The Aesthetic Show 2018

The Aesthetic Show 2018

June 27, 2018  |   Events

We are proud to have been invited by Dr Kian Karimi and Dr Anil Rajani at the annual multi-disciplinary aesthetic medicine conference in Las Vegas.

Pass by our booth #217 to discover our 3D novelties, our latest solution enables you to visualize, simulate, measure and compare 360° body images.

Quantificare at DIA 2018

Drug Information Association annual meeting 2018

June 1, 2018  |   Events

This year again, we will be attending the DIA annual meeting in Boston from June 24th to June 28th.

Meet us on booth #2537 and discover our dedicated 2D or 3D photographic hardware and some of our services including investigator training, image centralization, real time quality checks and query resolution.

Trust us for your clinical trial needs as seven of the top ten pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic companies.

Quantificare at VCS 2018

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2018

May 25, 2018  |   Events

Do not miss us at the VCS 2018 on booth #513 as we will be launching our new module for 360° body comparison! Experience unique features to visualize, assess and educate in 3D!

Quantificare at AECD2018

AECD 2018

May 17, 2018  |   Events

Update yourself about the latest technologies in dermatologic treatments at AECD congress in Sao José!

Pass by booth #21 to know more about our systems and learn how to improve your patient recommendation. Meet our team and ask for a demonstration of our 3D cameras !

Find our 3D pictures in live demos with Dr Vladilena Averina on Friday, 25th at 7.28pm and 7.54pm.


Quantificare at JPCirurgia Plastica

Jornada Paulista de Cirurgia Plastica

May 2, 2018  |   Events

Discover our latest 3D innovation! The new LifeViz® 360° solution let’s you visualize, simulate and measure directly on your patient’s 3D body images. Make a difference to your practice!

Quantificare at OCT 2018

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials

May 2, 2018  |   Events

We are attending the OCT congress in Barcelona on May 15 to 16! Come by our booth and discover our range of photography services and 2D/3D systems which can be tailored to your therapeutic areas and implemented in multi-center clinical trials.

Quantificare at CBCD 2018

Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia Dermatologica 2018

April 18, 2018  |   Events

We will exhibit at the CBCD congress organized by the largest Society of Dermatology Surgery in Brazil !
Upgrade your practice with 3D and enhance patients conversion and satisfaction. Check how on booth #63 !

Quantificare at ASLMS 2018

ASLMS 2018

April 18, 2018  |   Events

Stop by our booth #223 at the ASLMS to discover the best device to make effective before and after pictures. You will enhance patient satisfaction and reassure them with the simulation module available for face, breast and 360° body.

Quantificare at AMWC 2018

AMWC 2018, Monaco

March 15, 2018  |   Events

Stay at the cutting-edge of anti-aging treatments at AMWC 2018 ! Update yourself about rejuvenation and lasers through multiple sessions. Don’t miss us on booth #F6 to discover our new LifeViz® 360° solution !

Discover in live our 3D photodocumentation in different sessions

On Thursday, 5th:

2.30pm– 3.30pm, IBSA – IBSA’s booth

4.30pm – 5.30pm, IBSA – IBSA’s booth

On Friday, 6th:

11am – 1pm, Vivacy – Room Nijinski

2pm – 4pm, IBSA – Room Genevoix

1pm – 6pm, Novacutis –Room Geraldy

On Saturday, 7th :

9.30am – 10.30am, IBSA – IBSA’s booth

11am – 12pm, Adoderm – Room Nijinski

11.30am – 12.30pm, IBSA – IBSA’s booth

Quantificare at LAMCA 2018

LA MCA 2018

March 15, 2018  |   Events

This multi-specialty congress is organized by Dr Kian Karimi! You will discover the cutting-edge of cosmetic treatments from face injections to body treatments.
Catch the latest 3D techonologies on our booth with our new 360° solution for face, breast and body !

Dr Karimi & Dr Rajani called our expertise to provide before/after 3D pictures in live demo, don't miss it !

Quantificare at IMCAS Americas 2018

IMCAS Americas 2018

February 8, 2018  |   Events

After the success of IMCAS Paris, we are ready for the 2nd round in Colombia from March 15th to 17th. Pass by booth #18, our team will be very happy to show you our NEW camera LifeViz® 360° for body shaping! Don’t miss it!

Quantificare at JP Cosmiatry 2018

Jornada Paulista de Cosmiatry 2018

February 8, 2018  |   Events

We come to meet you at Jornada Paulista de Cosmiatry in Sao Paulo from March 10th to 11th.

Update yourself about the latest practices in facial surgery and cosmetology through conferences and workshops.

To complete your experience pass by our booth #1 to discover our 3D technologies.

Quantificare at AAD 2018

American Academy of Dermatology 2018

February 7, 2018  |   Events

Don’t miss the major dermatologic congress on February 16th to 20th at San Diego! Share practices and advice with the best minds in dermatology through educational sessions.

Discover the new available technologies for clinical studies on our booth #1916 !

Our new camera, the LifeViz® 360° allow you to photodocument and make effective before and after comparisons of full body.

Quantificare at IMCAS Paris 2018

IMCAS Paris 2018

January 25, 2018  |   Events

Join us and be part of the 20th anniversary of the forefront congress of multi-specialty dedicated to aesthetic science. Discover the most innovative technical procedures, the cutting edge products and devices. You will explore the recent topics related to the medical aesthetic field during live demos, guest lectures and symposiums.

3.0 REVOLUTION - Looking towards the future
Thursday 1st February - 9:45 AM - Room 7

Friday 2nd February - 2:00 PM - Room 9

Friday 2nd February - 4:30 PM - Room 11

Quantificare at GAC 2017

Global Aesthetics Conference

October 11, 2017  |   Events

Share your tips with international experts at GAC in Miami! All the aesthetics specialties are represented and we have a 3D solution for each of you! Pass by booth n°307 to test the must-have to convince your patients.

Quantificare at AMWC LA 2017

AMWC Latin America 2017

October 11, 2017  |   Events

Become an avant-garde physician! Join us at AMWC Latin America Congress to learn all the new tips in rejuvenation, laser and plastic surgery. Bring added value to your visit and discover how to photo document your treatments by passing on booth n°29. Don’t miss us in scientific sessions to see the results of live treatments in 3D.

Quantificare at RADESP 2017

22ª RADESP – Simpósio de Cosmiatria & Laser da SBD 2017

September 29, 2017  |   Events

Update yourself about new technology of dermatologic treatments at RADESP congress in Sao Paulo!

Our 3-dimensional technology is designed to highlight hyperpigmentation, vascularization, pores and wrinkles.

Pass by booth 13 on November 2nd-4th to know more about our systems and learn how to improve your patient recommendation. Meet our team and ask for a demonstration of our 3D cameras for face, body and skin microstructure.

Quantificare at ASDS

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

September 28, 2017  |   Events

Improve your experience in ASDS Chicago! Pass by booth 542 on October 5th-8th to try our different devices for dermatologic surgery.

Meet our professional team and test in demo our new 3-dimensional features designed to take your practice to the next level.

Do not miss us in the session "Patient Photo Best Practices" on Oct. 6th, 3-4pm in the Special Events Room.

QuantifiCare at ASPS 2017

Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2017

September 28, 2017  |   Events

We are there to share with you our 3D simulation tools for face, breast and body at Plastic Surgery the Meeting. Pass by our booth 1145 on October 7th-9th.

You will discover our different solutions to better communicate with your patients and you will try our new features.

Improving the patients care is very important. With our devices you will reassure them and find together the best treatment plan.

QuantifiCare at AMEC 2017

AMEC 2017

September 5, 2017  |   Events

This year our exhibition at AMEC has been moved forward so that you can join us as soon as you get back to work in the dynamic area of Monaco. Watch our live demo and experience our 3D LifeViz® cameras on our booth F4 on September 15th – 16th.

QuantifiCare at F.A.C.E. 2 F@ce


July 5, 2017  |   Events

If you want to hear about innovative techniques, you will certainly meet us at F.A.C.E.2F@ce Congress in Cannes on September 15th – 16th. We will be partner on Friday during the full day Live Demo Show to provide 3D Before/After analysis on treatments performed in live.  In addition, two of our customers will explain how their tailor their face and breast treatments using our technologies.

- Friday 2pm - FACIAL REJUVENTAION GLOBAL APPROACH, “How to reach facial harmony by using 3D?” - Dr Michel Zbili.

- Saturday 8.30pm - BREAST AND BODY CONTOURING, «3-dimensional images: New approach to deal with breast asymmetry” - Dr Thomas Colson.


European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

July 5, 2017  |   Events

To complete your education during the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology congress in Geneva, pass by our booth 181 on September 14th -16th. You will meet experts from our team to discuss your upcoming clinical trials and review how 3-dimensional images help in your photodocumentation.

QuantifiCare at 5CC


July 5, 2017  |   Events

Return to work and start the season by visiting QuantifiCare at one of the top laser and aesthetic meetings in the world: the 5CC in Barcelona. Try in exclusivity our new features on booth #31 from August 31th to September 2nd.

QuantifiCare at the Jornada Paulista de Cirurgia Plástica

Jornada Paulista de Cirurgia Plástica

May 18, 2017  |   Events

In Sao Paulo from June 14th to 17th? We will also exhibit at the Jornada Paulista de Cirurgia Plástica at the Grand Hyatt on booth 13. We bring novelties in plastic surgery consultation by offering 3D measurements of breasts to use with 3D simulation to facilitate implant choices.

QuantifiCare at CBCD 2017

Congresso Brasileiro de Cirurgia Dermatológica

May 18, 2017  |   Events

The second largest Society of Dermatology Surgery in the world holds its congress in Sao Paulo and we will exhibit there. Enjoy this time to try out our unique portable 3D cameras for all your photodocumentation, skin analysis and simulation needs. Drop by our booth 02B from June 14th to 17th at the Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca.

QuantifiCare at VCS

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

May 18, 2017  |   Events

Top 4 basic specialties experts come from several countries to the VCS to challenge their aesthetics techniques. What a good opportunity to discover the Infinity, the all-in-one 3D system to convince patients to engage in face and breast procedures! Experience it on booth 611 from June 7th to 11th at The Bellagio, Las Vegas.

QuantifiCare exhibits at SOFCEP


May 4, 2017  |   Events

This year focus on new techniques at the French Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery encouraged us to exhibit in Marseille at booth 20. Join us to discover the only portable 3D camera for before/after comparison, skin analysis and simulation: The LifeViz® Mini.

QuantifiCare exhibits at ICAD

International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology and Healthy Aging

May 4, 2017  |   Events

After our successful participation to Anti-Aging Medicine World Congresses in Monaco, QuantifiCare will exhibit at an equivalent conference in Brazil:  the International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology and Healthy Aging. Meet us on our booth #34 from May 11th to 13rd at the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo.

QuantifiCare exhibits at ASCBS 2017

ASCBS Newport beach

May 4, 2017  |   Events

For the first time in the USA, QuantifiCare will exhibit in a workshop. It will be during the 33rd American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery (ASCBS) Annual Workshop in Newport Beach California from May 5th to May 8th.

Between lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations and surgical procedure videos, drop by our booth to discover our innovative 3D camera to improve patient satisfaction in cosmetic operation: The LifeViz® Infinity.

QuantifiCare at AECD

Atualização e especialização em cirurgia dermatológica 2017

April 26, 2017  |   Events

Após inúmeras parcerias bem-sucedidas em eventos internacionais, a QuantifiCare tem o orgulho de apresentar sua tecnologia 3D no Brasil.

Visite-nos em nosso Estande #04 para experienciar nosso sistema 3D LifeViz® Mini.

XII AECD 28-30 Abril 2017, São José do Rio Preto - SP

QuantifiCare at EWMA

European Wound Management Association 2017

April 26, 2017  |   Events

Discover world-class 3D systems & services for wound healing clinical trials.

Visit booth #2E03 and learn about our solutions for your upcoming studies.

QuantifiCare at ASAPS

The Aesthetic Meeting 2017

April 21, 2017  |   Events

This year is a special one celebrating the 50 years of American Society of Plastic Surgery. QuantifiCare won't miss this opportunity to exhibit at the Aesthetic meeting booth 347.

Take this oportunity to try the 3D LifeViz® Infinity and the BreastShaper module that can assist you in identifying the right implant for your patient.

QuantifiCare at AMWC 2017

Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

April 21, 2017  |   Events

QuantifiCare, Non-Stop innovation presents at AMWC #F6

Once again, experts have called on QuantifiCare's experience to present before/after volume results LIVE during their scientific sessions.

Come see our 3D LifeViz® system in real-life situations.

QuantifiCare at ASLMS

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

March 22, 2017  |   Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to our booth #213 at the next ASLMS congress which will be held in San Diego from April 5th to 9th, 2017. Discover the best-in-class portable 3D camera to better communicate with your patients.

QuantifiCare at IMCAS Americas

IMCAS Americas 2017

February 10, 2017  |   Events

After the successful IMCAS World Congress in Paris, QuantifiCare will exhibit on booth 49 at IMCAS Americas. Dr Pavicic will lecture about “The 3D LifeViz Mini system to improve the consultation & manage the expectations”.

QuantifiCare at JPc

Jornada Paulista de Cosmiatria

February 8, 2017  |   Events

QuantifiCare has chosen the Jornada Paulista de Cosmiatria to meet you from March 11th to 12th and try the 3D LifeViz Mini for before/after comparison, skin analysis and simulation.

QuantifiCare at AACS

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2017

February 8, 2017  |   Events

QuantifiCare will exhibit for the first time at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, California. Discover the best-in-class portable 3d camera, the LifeViz Mini on booth 214.


Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

December 16, 2016  |   Events

QuantifiCare will exhibit for the first time at the Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium. What's better than starting the year with a regional event with Plastic Surgeons a few miles away from our East Coast office?
It will be the perfect occasion to try our 3D LifeViz Infinity for breast and face.


American Academy of Dermatology

November 15, 2016  |   Events

Mark your calendar for the next AAD in Orlando, March 03-07, 2017. Take this opportunity to visit QuantifiCare at our booth 2474 and discuss your needs in photodocumentation.

IMCAS Annual World Congress

November 14, 2016  |   Events

Start the year with us at IMCAS Paris on our booth #49 from Thursday, January 26th to Saturday, January 28th. QuantifiCare is growing and this year we organize our own live demo performed by Dr Zenker on Saturday at 6pm room 5. Dr Joely Kaufman will be our guest to present “QuantifiCare - Enhance patient evaluation in 3D” on Thursday 26th January 2017, 15.30-15.45. We are also partner with Sinclair and will be glad to provide Before/After comparison in 3D during their symposium.


Congresso Brasileiro de cirurgia plastica

November 3, 2016  |   Events

QuantifiCare has chosen the Congresso Brasileiro de cirurgia plastica in Fortaleza to release its new LifeViz® Infinity. Experience in exclusivity this highly expected 3D camera on booth #32 from November 11th to 14th.


American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

November 3, 2016  |   Events

Meet us at ASDS 2016 and take inspiration to take practices to the next level with our 3D cameras. QuantifiCare will welcome you on booth #506 in New Orleans from November 10th to 13th.

9º Simpósio de Cosmiatria e Laser e 3º TeraRio

October 18, 2016  |   Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to our booth #8 at the 9º Simpósio de Cosmiatria e Laser e 3º TeraRio which will be held in Barra da Tijuca from October 20th to 22th, 2016.


Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructrice et Esthétique

October 3, 2016  |   Events

The QuantifiCare Team welcomes you on its booth 16 at the next SOFCPRE held in Paris, from November 24th to 26th, 2016.


Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress

October 3, 2016  |   Events

Test our new LifeViz Infinity for face and breast for the first time in France at the AMEC in Paris on QuantifiCare’s booth B29 held from October 21 to 22nd, 2016.


American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

October 3, 2016  |   Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to our booth #510 at the next AAFPRS congress which will be held in Nashville from October 6th to 8th, 2016.


European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

September 15, 2016  |   Events

It’s a pleasure to welcome you this year again on our booth #40 during the EADV in Vienna from September 29th to October 1st.


World Union of Wound Healing Societies

September 15, 2016  |   Events

Have you considered using 3D surface imaging for wound assessment? Join us at booth #166 during the WUWHS in Florence from September 25th to 29th to discover how.


Plastic Surgery The Meeting

September 15, 2016  |   Events

QuantifiCare has chosen Plastic Surgery the Meeting in LA to release its new LifeViz® Infinity. Experience in exclusivity this highly expected 3D camera on booth #1937 from September 24th to 26th.



September 15, 2016  |   Events

This year QuantifiCare will exhibit among the leaders in innovation at the Calderm in Carlsbad, CA. Visit us on booth #11 from September 16th to 18th.


FACE 2 F@ce

September 9, 2016  |   Events

Feel the fluidness from pictures acquisition to before/after comparison by attending to Dr Egozi lecture, following a full day of live demo and experiencing the LifeViz® Mini on booth #36 at Face2f@ce, Cannes from September 9th to 10th.


Congresso da Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia

September 7, 2016  |   Events

Quantificare agora no Brasil! QuantifiCare announces its official launch in Brazil by participating to the SBD congress in Porto Alegre from September 7 to 9, booth #13B.

Lasers and aesthetic medicine

August 31, 2016  |   Events

QuantifiCare Team welcomes you on its booth #38 at the next 5CC held in Barcelona, from August 31 to September 3, 2016.


Live Love Spa, Cancun

August 29, 2016  |   Events

For the first time, QuantifiCare will exhibit in a SPA conference to present the 3D skin care consultation and skin care analysis. Give it a try at Live Love Spa, Cancun, August 29-30.

QuantifiCare at VCS

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology

June 9, 2016  |   Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to our booth 323 at the next Vegas Cosmetic Surgery congress which will be held in Las Vegas from June 8-11, 2016.

Develop Innovate Advance

April 13, 2016  |   Events

See you at the next DIA in Philadelphia on QuantifiCare’s booth 2149 held from June 27 to 29, 2016.

QuantifiCare at ASLMS

American Society For Laser Medicine & Surgery

February 29, 2016  |   Events

The QuantifiCare Team welcomes you on its booth F6 at the next ASLMS held in Boston, from March 30 to April 2, 2016.

Anti-aging Medicine World Congress

February 29, 2016  |   Events

See you at the next AMWC in Monaco on QuantifiCare’s booth F6 held from March 31 to April 2, 2016.

American Academy of Dermatology

February 29, 2016  |   Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to our 1429 at the next AAD congress which will be held in Washington D.C. from March 4-6, 2016.

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