Advantages In Your Practice

Easy-to-use aesthetic solutions

QuantifiCare pushes the limits of standardized photography even further by providing a compact and portable system that fits into your workflow.

You can enhance the doctor/patient experience by putting twenty years of medical imaging research in a quick and Intuitive interface. Different features are easily identifiable thanks to a color code which improve the users’ experience.


Our central software hub, the LifeViz® App, is designed to facilitate the user’s experience. Thanks to our smart, ergonomic design, it is now easy to obtain great images and analyze them for your patient follow up.

Quality and reproducibility

Our researchers have worked tirelessly to achieve an accurate 3D reconstruction with a reliable geometry.

Just like a telescope, the uniqueness of the LifeViz® comes from its optical features. The technology is based on a separate group of optical lenses, one group for each of the two images of the stereo pair. This combination, exploited only by QuantifiCare reduces geometric distortions experienced by systems using double windows yet single lens. Assembled to within a micron, the LifeViz® optical system is enabling 3D reconstruction of face and body parts with unprecedented accuracy and depth of field. Its sensors, ranging from 12 to 24 megapixels depending on the applications, are matching the accuracy of its optics.

Reproducibility is achieved thanks to fixed optics and dual beamers. For 3D facial record tracking, we have developed a 3D matching tool which allows you to align two pictures so that they are at the same scale and orientation over multiple visits.

Finally, the LifeViz® technology enables quantification of volume changes and detection of fine surface details. The technology is validated and has been used in numerous clinical trials.

Reassure and increase patient loyalty

Patients often forget what they looked like before a treatment intervention and come back to your practice to discuss and question the results.

Thanks to the pictures saved in theLifeViz® App, the doctor can now provide an objective comparison of pre and post treatments in real time

The patients are reassured and trust of their practitioner confirmed.

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We are in a highly competitive industry and differentiating your practice from your peers and in the minds of your customers is critical. By photo-documenting your treatment artistry using our 3D high-tech cameras, your practice can reach new heights and increase referrals.